This woman is organised

20 Aug 2007

Most Monday mornings after I have seen everyone off to school and work, and tidied the kitchen , done the dishes, cleaned up the bathrooms, hunted out the dirty clothes and put a load of washing on, I like to sit down and take stock of the week ahead.

I can't do this job on Sunday evening. Sundays are dreamy days, as far removed from reality as possible. Apart from making sure the school clothes have been washed , usually done on Saturday, I try to keep my focus firmly on Sunday and leave organising till Monday.

When I worked Monday morning, first thing, was always the time to check appointment times, meetings scheduled and so on. I always took my time with a cup of coffee and really thought about the week ahead and it definitely helped to keep things running smoothly. If I missed that time it could take me until Wednesday to feel I was in control.

This is one working habit that definitely helps me at home as well. I don't madly schedule my week , I just look at what is coming up, you know the kind of thing; school concerts, birthdays, appointments etc. I think about what sort of meals I might like to cook, when I will do some sewing, gardening, visit my parents and so on. I just write down everything I think of in my trusty notebook labelled "Home Notes". It's a mixture of what I need to do that day, phone calls , bills due, gardening notes, gift ideas, everything just gets written down as I think of it. Then things are highlighted with arrows and asterisks and doodles and my day and week starts to take form.

From this stream of consciousness session will emerge to do lists, shopping lists and lots of creative doodling. I refer back to it through the week and add bits and pieces, vigorously circle things I have forgotten/put off doing and occasionally actually cross somethings off.

I don't tear the pages out as I finish with them. They are there until the book is filled and are quite funny sometimes to refer back to, a little domestic history written by a woman who is obviously half mad. It's an enjoyable way to start the week and I never quite feel the week is mine if I miss my "planning" session.

My session this morning ended with a browse through my new birthday cookbook.

My brother and sister in law gave me "Falling Cloudberries" It is a very beautifully presented book, a pleasure to read, lovely pictures. I chose a chicken curry recipe to make for tonight's tea. I do have another of Tessa Kiros' books that I bought last year . I have to admit I was convinced I had to buy it because of its beautiful cover, I love those little red shoes. I have made a few things from this book but I haven''t loved the recipes as much as the cover.

Before I made the curry I also made tomorrow nights meal as I will be in and out all day tomorrow . I made George's Company Stew but I cut the recipe in half because I don't have a pot big enough to make the complete recipe. And I've had to cook it in a slow oven rather than on the stove top because I only have two working gas burners at the moment; the fierce super duper wok burner and the tiniest burner which would have a heart attack if asked to heat a big cast iron pot for six hours.

The stew smells delicious .

10 Responses to “This woman is organised”

  1. I love the cover of Apples for Jam too and I do like her recipes...very eatable. One day I'll let you take a peak in my "big black book", it's full of stuff I've gathered as ideas since 1992, it's a complete bloody mess, but I wouldn't do without it!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. The books look wonderful and I love the cover with the shoes. I like your idea of homenotes. At the moment I am using a home binder but I am not consistent with it and I think planning and jotting down in a notebook as you have described might work better for me. Have a beautiful day!!

  3. Wow, so many things are beautiful here to catch up on!! Your recipe looks divine!!

  4. I'm an organization freak too. I simply *must* write everything down.

  5. I'm with you about Mondays...for me they are when I pay bills, do laundry and make lists!

  6. The stew looks so nice even as a collection of ingredients with all the different colors.

  7. oh I think I will have to take your monday morning and note book idea on board. I'm a list maker but mine are usually on scraps of paper which often disappear before I reach the end of the list or the day. I read George's stew recipe too and thought it sounded great so I'll be making it some time in the future.

    cheers Lenny

  8. Your Monday morning tradition sounds lovely! I'd love to see an example of your Home Notes journal. :)

  9. I have been really wanting to get Falling Cloudberries, it sounds wonderful. Happy birthday, I hope it was full of yummy things and lots of love !! Clarice

  10. I do the exact same thing on Monday mornings! I get up early to make coffee and pack a lunch for my husband. Usually I go back to bed after he leaves. But on Monday I stay up a bit and make plans for the week. Lists of things I want to accomplish. Shopping lists. And now that our summer break is finished, the week's homeschool lesson plans. THEN I go back to bed for a little bit.


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