Sunny Day

12 Aug 2007

Young Mother Sewing by Mary Cassatt

Young Mother Sewing

I had every intention of doing some quiet sewing today. I have a skirt cut out to make for Kate which should be quite quick to get together. But a beautiful sunny day arrived and no sewing was done.

Kate and I went to church this morning walking through the crisp sunny morning then home to a gentle tidy and morning tea, in the sunshine, in the front garden. I took my knitting with me and we sat and chatted and were gradually joined by several cats and then one boy then another.This lasted till lunchtime so we had lunch in the garden as well.

After lunch Kate and I took the dog for a short walk while Louis hung out the school washing and Andy got to work on my birthday present.

Home again and now Kate joined the secret present making gang. Stephen arrived home from a little birthday present searching and he and Louis went off to tennis. I had to knock before entering rooms and avert my eyes in case I saw something I shouldn't.

I spent the afternoon baking biscuits and making ice cream and a big pot of minestrone for tea and quick hot snacks through the week. My minestrone goes on for ever, it gets thicker and thicker then diluted with more stock and goes on for a few more bowls of warm comfort food.

I've had a really happy weekend, I feel a really deep joy, immensely grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. Do you ever get that calm, really peaceful, happy feeling?

Precious Gifts by Jo Moulton
Precious Gifts

3 Responses to “Sunny Day”

  1. Oh, how lovely... just reading about your beautiful day makes me feel happy!
    And yes, I have been experiencing a beautiful feeling as of late- it's wonderful!

  2. What a happy day! And I like the picture of the mother sewing & verse below "Precious Gifts."


  3. The Perfect Sunday. I hope you can have one every seven days.


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