15 Aug 2007

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day. I was thoroughly spoiled all day long with food and treasures and love.

Our whole house is floating in a cloud of daphne fragrance thanks to my mum, the shelves are groaning with boxes of chocolates, new books and special trinkets. The children's gifts were very special, a bird house from Andy , a photo montage of pictures of Kate from Kate and a DVD from Louis. Stephen gave me two beautiful skirts amongst other things. My Mum gave me the beautiful planter full of spring that you see in the first picture.

The day started with a candle and song followed by hugs, kisses and present opening. Stephen made me the most yummy breakfast in bed and did all the school lunches. They left the house spotlessly clean so that I had nothing to do but indulge myself.

Two lovely phone calls from mum and my mother-in-law , dressed myself in my finery and sat in the sunshine with one of my new books and a good coffee.

My sister-in-law drove all the way from the south of the island to take me out for lunch at a beautiful restaurant down by the river in an old mill and then we went to watch Louis play in his soccer final. They didn't win but it was a thrilling game and fine weather with the lightest of sun showers followed by a magnificent rainbow just for me.

Off home for afternoon tea with my parents, my sister and nephew and of course my own dear children. Mum and my sister made all the food. I didn't have much of an appetite but the children tucked in as if they had never seen food before.
Stephen came home from work early to join in on the fun ( and food ).

After everyone had gone I had time for a quick squizz at my emails and blog and found a wonderful note from Jewels and lots of comments about our sunny walk to town . That was lovely, I felt as though everyone had come with me.

I had a really nice phone call from Stephen's dad, Big Al. He doesn't usually ring for my birthday so that made it special and he talked about quite deep things which is unusual for him. He had seen some of my dolls in a shop in Armidale and seemed genuinely happy for me that I was able to spend my spare time doing something that I love.

Dinner was Chinese take away which was nice, the children had never had Chinese food before, some dishes got the thumbs up, some were not so popular. Stephen hates Chinese food but enjoyed it for my sake . I once had a superb Chinese meal and have been searching for the same experience ever since. Mind you I only eat it every three or four years and it never matches up, I think I should just enjoy my memories.

We had a lighting of the birthday candles and singing of the song but only those with hollow legs - Louis - managed to eat any cake.

And so today I am faced with more chocolates than any sane woman should have to deal with and a whole day to eat them. I was supposed to be meeting some friends for lunch but the organiser has to have emergency dental surgery so we have postponed it until next week.
A good day for pottering around, finding homes for my new treasures , reading my new books and I think I'll do some sewing and dollies as well.

Happy days.

24 Responses to “Special”

  1. Happy birthday for yesterday, Jenny. I'm pleased you had such a special day. It says a lot about a family who makes a real fuss of the mum on her birthday. : )

  2. Happy Birthday Jenny for yesterday. Your day sounded just delightful. Enjoy your chocolates and new books, life doesn't get much better than chocolate and books.

    cheers Lenny

  3. Jenny,

    I hope you had a lovely birthday. Thank you for taking us on your walk the other day also....how beautiful Launceston is!
    Enjoy your birthday treasures and also the love of your family,


  4. Sounds as if you had a wonderful birthday! Mine is on the 16th . Hope it will be as pleasant as yours.Anyway Happy belated Birthday to you ! Enjoy all your treasure's ~
    Blessings, Shelley

  5. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely day.

  6. Happy Birthday Jenny! I am so glad you had a wonderful day! I too, love Chinese food. My daughter and I share this passion, and we found a Chinese restaurant that serves, "Chinese Style." This means that the food they serve is cooked more toward the genuine Chinese taste. Just ask. Maybe a you will be able to try this in a restaurant by you. Both my husband and I like it better than the typical fare.

    I loved your walk through pictures! How long does it take for you to walk into town?

    With Birthday Cheer,

  7. Happy birthday for yesterday Jenny. What a special day you had with people you love who love you too. Can't beat that can you?

  8. Happy Birthday Jenny! Many happy returns!

  9. Happy birthday Jenny! I know you give so much to others every day of your life; it's great to see you being blessed in return.

  10. Happy Birthday! Sounds like an absolutely beautiful day:-)

    Lots of love,

  11. Happy Birthday!!
    What a wonderful day.
    Enjoy your birthday treasures

  12. Happy Birthday Jenny!
    It sounds as if you had a great day and really lovley family. Enjoy your gifts and the chocolate.
    Greetings from Germany

    P.S. I read your blog every day I could and love it very much.

  13. A very Happy Birthday, Jenny. Your presents sound perfect.
    I can just imagine the smell of that bunch of Daphne, its one of my favourite flowers for fragrance and for the fact that it flowers right at the start of spring.

  14. Happy Birthday for yesterday Jenny - sounds like you had a wonderful day and were deservedly spoilt!

  15. Happy Birthday!!!

    Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing day!!

  16. Happy Birthday for yesterday Jenny!!! Sounds like u had a wonderful day, brekkie in bed sounds good. ur mums pressie is so pretty and will flower for quite some time!!!

  17. Happy Birthday - the daphne looks beautiful - we grow it here in a sheltered corner but it struggles. When it does bloom in March it reminds me of my friends in Australia who have a yard full of daphne bushes,


  18. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Je-nn-yyyyyy
    Happy Birthday to you !!

    Just imagine I'm singing at the top of my voice ! Many Happy Returns !


  19. Oh, happy birthday, Jenny! I am so glad it was so enjoyable for you! It sounds wonderful! I think birthdays get better as you get older!
    Hope all your days until the next birthday are just as wonderful!

  20. Sounds like a very nice day!
    Birthday wishes from Belgium!

  21. Happy Belated Birthday Jenny! Sounds like you had a wonderful day surrounded by your loved ones. And waht a dream come tru to be surrounded by more chocolate than you can eat in a day! Enjoy it in moderation.


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