Soft, warm sunshine

17 Aug 2007

It is a truly glorious day here today. Soft warm sunshine and barely a cloud in the sky. A perfect late winter's day. It is hard to stay in the house but I have things to do before the weekend gets here. There should be time later though for a walk to enjoy the unmistakable scent of spring on the way. You can feel spring starting to wake the garden and the birds are so busy darting to and fro and singing sometimes sweetly, sometimes frantically.

This weekend should be our last busy weekend for a while with Andy playing in the football Grand Final tomorrow and then my mum's birthday on Sunday. I love the fact that my mother , my daughter and me all share August for our birthdays. And of course all my men have their birthdays in June. Very neat organisation.

The best gift for my mum would be for my father to be in good health but that seems impossible at the moment. Although he has not had any further heart trouble he always seems to be under the weather and I know it worries mum.

Anyway my brother and his family are coming up from down south for the day on Sunday and we will all have lunch together except for my sister who is taking a special breakfast to mum's house to share that with my parents.

I have two little dolls to share with you and they will be in my Etsy shop later today. I have several others almost ready and then my little shop will look cheerier. I have had some new orders to take care of so the shop dolls have had to bide their time in various states of undress and baldness. The first doll is one of a pair of twins. They have been waiting for just the right wool for their caps. You see I have had the pretty braid for some time and knew it was just the thing for these two dolls but I tried a number of different yarns for their caps and nothing was right.

On Wednesday the Rugz for Kidz parcel arrived and Kerry who sent it to me also included a ball of Merino Bambino baby wool that was just perfect. Thank you so much Kerry. I had so much fun knitting with it as it quickly went through the rainbow again and again.

The other little petal has been finished for a while but has been waiting patiently to have her photo taken. She is a sweet little possum who just sits nicely in the palm of your hand and I know would be a lovely friend to whoever decides to take her home.

I forgot to say that the first picture is of the birdhouse that Andy made for my birthday. I have put it in the front garden outside Kate's room and not too far from the birdbath.

10 Responses to “Soft, warm sunshine”

  1. It is so funny hearing you talk of winter when we are in the midst of summer:-) But then I remember you're in Australia, yes?

    The dolls are lovely! I wish I could make dolls so well. Alas, I just don't have time to practice.

    May your night(or maybe it is already day) be blessed...

    Lots of love,

  2. Lovely birdhouse - what a thoughtful gift.
    And, as always, your dolls are so sweet. The merino bambino colours pick up the colours of the braid perfectly!

  3. Well, happy birthday to your mum! I am sorry about your dad, though... it's so tough when our parents get sick.
    Have a wonderful weekend with the family and maybe sometime I will be able to have one of your little dollies for my very own! They are precious!

  4. I love the dolls, and the cute little birdhouse! I was a bit puzzled about the 'spring coming', before I remembered you live in... Australia, isn't that so?

  5. I always forget the season changes, We're still dealing with summer thunderstorms here. :-)

    Your dolls are absolutely darling!

  6. The birdhouse is a lovely gift. I hope to see photos of your new feathered neighbors soon!

  7. Hi Jenny, I hope you found time for your walk, I don't like to be inside on a fine day.
    I have nominated you for a Nice Matters Award, the details are on my blog.
    Have a lovely weekend with your family.

  8. If I could afford it, I would so buy the first doll; it's lovely! And understand I think it's very reasonably priced...definitely worth it.

  9. Your dolls are very special Jenny. You can see the heart of the maker in them.

  10. Awww, such sweet little dolls. Sending healing love and prayers for Mom and Dad.


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