Rose Geranium.

6 Aug 2007

This is Maggie being adorable, she has recovered from her operation and I think it has improved her temperament which has been very unpredictable since she weaned the kittens. Motherhood - it's an adventure for all species.

Speaking of mothers, that calm and peaceful mother of ten, Jewels has sent me the most wonderful box of goodies. Yes folks another parcel arrived this morning, actually two arrived. It's like Christmas at the moment.

Jewels sent me everything a happy homemaker could want except a box of chocolates. A beautiful handmade apron to keep me clean, two lovely thick, soft cotton knitted dish cloths and some cleaning goodies all the way from the old US of A. I've read about the Mrs Meyers products on other people's blogs and now I have some off my own all smelling sweetly of rose scented geranium.

The parcel arrived just as I was about to start the housework this morning so my first job was to iron my lovely new pinny and then spin around the house in a rose scented cloud making everything clean and sweet. Thanks Jewels , it was a very generous gift and I know every time I put my apron on I'll think of you and your beautiful family.

The other parcel is of interest purely because of the vast number of stamps of all different denominations. It's good isn't it. Someone had lots of fun arranging them all. The contents were not so interesting but much appreciated, some doll making supplies.

Tomorrow I'm off to see a German film " The Lives of Others". Does anyone know anything about it, not the plot of course but is it enjoyable, is it harrowing ? The blurb just says it is a "startling political thriller"- not my usual choice but it's my friends' birthday treat for me.

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  1. I stopped by your blog from Jewels'. Have fun with your cleaning goodies. I just bought the Lavender ironing spray. Our store didn't have the Rose Geranium but I bet it is lovely!
    My daughter loves Lavender so I will use it when teaching her how to iron this year. :-)
    Blessings on your day...and happy cleaning.

  2. Ooh, how lovely! Lucky old you. What nice treats...all you need is a nice cake to eat after you've use all of those cleaning products!

  3. Jewels is a lovely gal, isn't she?! I love Mrs. Meyer's myself- am partial to the lemon verbena in this house!
    Yay for you!

  4. Well, I found you through dear Jewels too! I've been perusing your blog over the last couple of days and just wanted to comment finally. I've really enjoyed reading your posts...simple, refreshing:-)
    Your package from Jewels is lovely. I have also heard of Mrs. Meyers products but haven't gotten any yet. I suppose I'll be looking today:-)

    Enjoy your gifts and I'll pop in again soon!

  5. What a wonderful way to start the day! Congratulations!

  6. Do you speak German? I am assuming that you are able to, as you have links to German speaking blogs. Unfortunately, when I view a foreign film, there must be subtitles.

  7. What a lovely parcel from Jewels. I love all those stamps too. How thoughtful to do that, even if it was only doll supplies. Enjoy the film, Tuess!

  8. That's quite a collection of stamps. You were lucky that they arrived intact as I'm told that they often get removed in transit, which is probably why so many parcels now have boring register receipts in place of stamps.

  9. How lovely. You are really a lucky woman.
    The package from Jewels is so lovely. I like the apron and the dishclothes

  10. Hi Lisa and welcome. I usually add lavender oil to the water I use to spray my ironing. It reminds me of my grandmother.

    Hi Natalie, I don't need the cake because I already have some, leftovers from Kate's party.

    Hi Regina, yes Jewels is a dear person.

    Hi Sommer and welcome.Thank you.

    Hi Knitter, yes I think a lovely parcel arriving once a week would be wonderful.

    Hi Gigi, no I don't speak German. My two sons learn German at school and are very good at it. Their teachers are sure they must have German blood in them. As far as I know they don't. If you use the google language tool you can get foreign languages translated into your own. The translations are sometimes a bit lacking but it is usually enough to get the general idea of the post.

    Hi Rhonda, The stamps are great aren't they.

    Hi Alice, some of the stamps have missed being postmarked so I'll be able to reuse them, that's a bonus.

    Hi Bettina, I've been using the dishcloths already and they are lovely to use.

  11. Good morning, my dear precious friend :o)
    I can't tell you how special it was for me, to see all the things that I had packaged up, at the table, here, there in your home, with you. What a joy.
    Lovingly, Jewels


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