Reflections on Nice Matters.

21 Aug 2007

I got the best bargain at the op shop (thrift/charity shop) the other day. This single(twin) bed sheet, never used and made from soft cosy cotton flannel. I wasn't actually looking for fabric but a rack of sheets and table cloths was half price so I had to check it out and this prettiness just jumped out at me .I've just hung it on the line to dry in the sunshine and breeze after giving it a quick wash to get rid of anything undesirable.

It's just the thing to make Kate a new nightdress. She has been complaining of being cold in bed and flannelette sheets, hot water bottle, woollen underblanket, wool blanket, down filled quilt and patchwork quilt haven't helped. Having a kitten in bed does help but they are fickle creatures and hop out whenever they please.
The op shop fabric is very thick and fluffy and cost the grand sum of $2.75. I also found all these circular knitting needles for $2.50 plus some 4mm straight needles for $1.00. You can never have too many 4mm needles especially when you are like me and have far too many projects on the go at once.

The pattern Kate has chosen is also an op shop find from some time ago. She wants long sleeved, mid calf length and no frill. As soon as the fabric dries and I've given it a good press I can get started.

A couple of shots of the life cycle of the vegetable garden. New lettuce seedlings starting to take off as the ground warms a little with the weak winter sunshine ,surrounded by little poppy seedlings as well I see ...

and broccoli heads left to flower and go to seed. We had about twenty plants that grew from self seeding and produced good broccoli this winter so I'll give it another try. Nothing to lose if we don't get any plants and a free feed if we do.
We have really missed having chooks (hens) this winter because all the beautiful vitamin rich chickweed has been dug back into the garden instead of being gluttonously devoured by the chooks. Never mind we'll have some new girls soon and that will be fun.

These hardy old daisies all turned to face the morning sun. I have several bushes of them all grown from cuttings from mum's garden. They have such cheery faces don't they and seem to put up with most weather conditions. They are as tough as old boots it's a pity they don't smell nice. Actually they probably smell a bit like old boots come to think of it.

And just before I go back inside to get some lunch ready here is Stephen's trusty old old bike waiting for his return. He has been away with work for a couple of days. He went to sunny northern NSW and got nothing but rain and cold weather. He's looking forward to coming home today to our sunny winter weather . He has had this bike for years, I know he would dearly like a new one but he won't give up on this one while it still gets him around.

I have been lucky enough to have been given a couple of blog awards lately. One from Natalie, quite some time ago actually, called the Blogger Reflection Award. Natalie's kind words were so flattering and I have been very slow to pass the award on to another five bloggers.

The other award is the Nice Matters award given to me by Willow .
It is also very flattering to be thought of as a nice blogger and, I hope, a nice person. Being nice tends to be mocked by some but a genuinely nice person is a pleasure to be with; kind, good natured, agreeable. I'm not sure that I always measure up but it's "nice" to be noticed. I will eventually pass the awards on to deserving bloggers but procrastinator that I am I need more time to think about it.

11 Responses to “Reflections on Nice Matters.”

  1. Good buys from the op shop - you are right, you can never have too many knitting needles!

    I had a flannelette nightie very similar to your pattern when I was about Kate's age, made by my mum. Might have to see if she'll make me another one!

  2. What a gorgeous sheet! I've used a Simplicity pattern similar to that one for my girls. I do like your lettuces and poppies all mixed in together too. Your awards are well deserved (nice is, well, nice).

  3. What a great find that sheet is. I love the bright blue background and lovely red roses. I'm sure it will look really pretty when it's all finished!

  4. One can never ever have too many knitting needles.

    That is a great find on the sheet. I love flannel gowns.

  5. I agree with you on the cat in bed part: just as I start feeling nice and warm and sleepy, she slips away! ;)

  6. congrats to a very deserving recipient xoxox Clarice

  7. Great finds! I love the fabric and the knitting needles...aah, what a great buy!
    And congratulations on the awards. You deserve both from what I can see.

    Lots of love,

  8. what a very nice fabric find! very pretty!

  9. OOh, pretty fabric! *I* would love a nightgown made from that lovely stuff. :-)

    I'm amazed by all that still grows during winter for you. Does it not get cold enough to frost and kill everything there? We never have any flowers, much less edibles, in winter.

    Congratulations on your blog awards!!! You most definitely are nice. And I totally consider "nice" a good thing. :-)

  10. Adorable bedsheet! What a lucky girl to get such pretty jammies.

    I've just replanted lettuce and spinich for a fall crop here.



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