29 Aug 2007


All my life, well since the age of about ten, I have been a knitter. Sometimes it has been the in thing to knit and sometimes it has been thought of as a bit sad, a bit old fashioned. Lately there has been the scarf craze, the sock craze and an alarming number of dishcloths turning up . Regardless of the latest fad though I have always knitted.

Knitting is not a cheap hobby but if you want to wear good quality wool knitwear I think it may still be cheaper to make your own. This little project is a shawl being made to Jewels' specifications blogged recently. The wool is an op shop/thrift shop find that I have started to knit with before but stopped and unpicked it. This is the perfect spectator knit. I don't mean that you gather an audience when you knit but you can knit it while you are watching sport which is exactly what I was doing today. The boys had their athletics carnival all day today and I was being a spectator. It was great fun, lots of fine running and jumping, lots of teenagers doing their best . I admire their courage and tenacity and their good sportsmanship.


Tomorrow I get to stay home, the natural habitat of the jenny wren and I will hopefully park myself on this couch in the sunshine and get a few projects finished. Life has been all out of rhythm lately and now that I am well rested, my dad is at home and I have no more school commitments life should begin to return to normal.


I intend to light some candles...


do a little baking...


and catch up with the washing.

But mostly I want to finish a couple of dolls and think some peaceful thoughts, indulge in some quiet contemplation and remember how blessed I truly am to be able to plan my days to suit my family and myself, to be able to react to my family's changing needs without having to check with a boss first and to have my home and garden as my workplace.

I hope you have a peaceful and happy day too.

9 Responses to “Blessed”

  1. What a wonderful post!! It's really wonderful to be very content at home.


  2. I'm a knitter too! And an avid crocheter. I absolutely *love* it. And I love those peaceful, blessed days at home. Just had one of those. How wonderfully soothing for my heart.

  3. Never really go the hang of knitting or crocheting, but it is on my list of things to do. I too love to bake and wash and then all feels right with the world somehow.

  4. Sounds like my kind of day. I'm a knitter too Jenny and I've always loved it. I'm glad you mentioned that shawl of Jewels' because I have been trying to remember where I saw it.

    I've been meaning to tell you that I couldn't wait until Christmas to give my one year old grand daughter the red cushion doll which has been named Rosie. She now cuddles Rosie when she goes to sleep each night.

    Thank you for the love and care you put into your little dolls.

  5. I enjoy knitting too, although I've only been at it for a couple of years:-) But it is so relaxing and unlike sewing(at least with a machine), you can do it while watching something.

    Glad to hear your dad is home. I will continue to pray for his recovery.

    Lots of love,

  6. You sound happy and content. I loved the last two photos.

  7. I'm knitting a shawl using Jewel's pattern too! Mine is is autumny colours.

    Jenny, would you know of a sock pattern that would suit a fairly novice knitter? I'd like to try knitting some as gifts. Thanks in advance.

  8. Such lovely photos today. Well, your photos are always lovely, these are just especially so.

    I've been a knitter, off and on, for about twenty years, mostly off. I have re-discovered my love for it in the last couple of years, though, and have been knitting almost non-stop since. I ordered some lovely wool that should arrive this week and then I, too, will have a Jewels inspired shawl on the needles.


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