Just Lucky, I Guess

3 Aug 2007

It's a well known fact that the postman never, ever stops at our house on a Friday. Kate was home with me today and we were enjoying the cold but bright sunshine at the front of the house when postie came whizzing along on his motorbike and miraculously stopped at our smiley faced letter box.

Not only did he stop but he left a parcel and not only was it a parcel but it was a parcel addressed to me !!!!!!!!!

The beautiful Bettina in Switzerland sent me these sublime wrist warmers for no reason at all. Isn't she wonderful. They are knitted from cashmere and angora and she has beaded around the edges. I have never before received such wonderful little trifles just for me. They are beautifully warm and when I have them on I feel like a princess. Thank you so much sweet Bettina.

So I sat outside like Princess Jenny watching the kittens frolic and jazz around. I was stitching a doll's head and Kate was writing a thank you letter to her Grandfather otherwise known as Big Al, he is Stephen's dad. When Katie was younger she called him Big Owl and some of the other grandchildren called him Biggles. Whatever happened to plain old Grand-dad.

Had a phone call from a friend today just after I had been thinking about her. How does that happen? I had sent her some chocolate crackles via Stephen and she was ringing to thank me and to organise a birthday treat for me. Not that it is my birthday yet but it doesn't hurt to get in early.

And how does it happen that when I wanted to find some nice cotton yarn to make some dish cloths I walk into the Salvos shop and there are four balls of lovely knobbly cotton from the Netherlands and then I went to the supermarket to get a few treats for the party tomorrow and everything I wanted was on special. Whoever organised it , thank you very much.

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  1. What lovely things. I clicked on the link to your postbox it's just gorgeous! And the black and white cat in the postbox post looks just like my furry friend Boots.

    I love to receive things in the post too.

  2. That's a great day! The wrist warmers look so luxuriously soft and the beading is so pretty and feminine.
    I rarely get to shop in the local Good Will. I'll need to start looking for yarn there. I have found some sweaters to unravel and reclaim yarn from, but I find that less satisfying.

  3. Hee hee- serendipitous, I would say! Love the wrist warmers!

  4. Wow, Jenny you are a lucky girl. Those wrist warmers are amazing !!!!! Clarice

  5. I love those wrist warmers too. I'm knitting a pair at the moment in grey and red. It's funny how things happen at the right time. I like to think it happens because I'm doing what I should be doing, so everything is easy.

    Unexpected gifts are the best. Enjoy your day, dear Jenny.

  6. Brown paper packages wrapped up in string.....these are ALWAYS a favorite thing!

  7. Hello,
    Found your blog today..by way of Jewel's bog over at "Eyes of Wonder"
    Have added you to my blog list of friends ..to share with others as well. Will visit again.
    Wanted to invite you to visit with me over at my blog once in a while...
    and if you would like also...we have an online e-zine called "Small Town Living" at www.stliving.net that you might enjoy.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    p.s. the little wrist warmers are so darling..it's so wonderful to recieve a surprise in the mail every now and again.

  8. Sounds like a perfect Friday. Shame you can't bottle it and trundle it out whenever you need a day just like it.

    Beautiful wrist warmers, and even more special because they were such an unexpected surprise.

  9. Serendipity!

    At Winterwood the other day I was browsing through the selection of cards and saw that exact same one of the strawberries and the gnome.

  10. Hello dear friend--little jenny wren :o)
    What a lovely surprise! What a kind and thoughtful gift. At the risk of repeating myself, I have to say......you have *the best* sense of humor! I also have to say that Big Al, Big Owl, and **Biggles** :o) are just **too** cute!! I love it!
    Back from the day trip. It was a truly wonderful day. I hope you're having a great weekend there with all your loves. Wanted to pop in and say hello before heading off to bed. Funny how you can think of someone on the other side of the world, every single day--and with much love.
    xo Jewels

  11. So glad you had such a wonderful day.. I love when the planets all align, or serendipity is alive and well, or karma comes and pays a sweet visit.. whatever it is, it is a treat!

    Are those the Mrs. Beeton's wristwarmers from Knitty? I have wanted to make those for a while. I love the ruffles on them!!

  12. Hi Sarah and welcome, the postbox is cute isn't it. My husband made it. The cat's name is Badger.

    Hi Marie, unravelling wool is the pits , I've only done it a few times but I didn't really enjoy re- using the wool.

    Hi Regina, they are cute aren't they.

    Hi Clarice, I feel very lucky.

    Hi Cheryl, yes, out of nowhere came a perfect day.

    Hi Rhonda, thanks I did enjoy my day. I would never have thought of making wrist warmers for my self but now I think they are essential wardrobe item.

    Hi Carolyn, pink paper packages are rather nice too.

    Hi Tina and welcome, thanks for dropping by. I'll come visit when I get the chance.

    Hi Alice, I think I'll camp out by the letterbox next Friday to see what surprises will arrive.

    Hi Jewels, thanks for dropping by after your busy day. Glad your day trip went well. I can't wait to see what you found and what happened. I was thinking about you and yours this morning when I got up, how your day went and how tired you would all be.See you tomorrow.

    Hi Suse, Serendipity indeed. The postcards are so lovely aren't they. I have some in Kate's room in little frames.

    Hi Willow Caroline, yes they are the Mrs Beeton wrist warmers. Well spotted. they are so soft and really warm.

  13. Is there anything better than receiving a package in the mailbox? And a beautiful one too!



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