Hugs and Kisses

1 Aug 2007

Well Kate had a wonderful day. She loved all her presents, loved the food and loved the attention. She had phone calls from friends and family and she was especially thrilled to receive all those special messages left by all you lovely people.

I had a great day getting ready for the big afternoon tea, our family tradition shared with our extended family and sometimes one or two friends. No extras today as in honour of reached the big 10 Kate is having a birthday party with her friends on Saturday. This was supposed to be the party of dressing in party dresses but it moved on to a costume party instead. So I never actually had to make THE party frock.Maybe I'll make it for the summer.

I spent the morning cruising around cleaning and tidying, making sure the house was presentable for company. I found a few spring bulbs to brighten things up and also picked some Wintersweet for my sweet Kate's room. By midday I was into the cooking. First up I made the birthday cake. I know a sensible person would have made it yesterday but I like to live dangerously. Kate requested a chocolate mud cake so I consulted my American cookbook and came up with a Mississippi Mud Cake. I made it in a Bundt tin and I was certain it would stick . Thankfully it didn't but it did take a long time to cool. Finally just as the guests were arriving, almost an hour early by the way, I had the cake on the pedestal stand and dusted it with icing sugar.

It's my mother's revenge, I'm not sure for what, but every now and then she arrives ridiculously early and then is amazed that I'm still preparing the food. It doesn't faze me now the way it used to, I would go into a panic and feel inadequate. Now I just think she must have got bored at home and so decided to come round even if it is nearly an hour early.

Back to the preparations. After the birthday cake was stowed in the oven I moved on to the mars bar slice, yes haute cuisine time here, and chocolate crackles. I abhor chocolate crackles so I do my own twist on the recipe, foregoing the copha for chocolate melts and replacing the coconut with little marshmallows. This way I can pretend they are really Rocky Road with rice bubbles instead of nuts. Both these delicacies are uncooked and needed to go into the fridge to set properly. Once the birthday cake was cooked and put outside to cool, I made chocolate caramel slice and thankfully I accidentally had enough chocolate for the topping. By the way, in case you're wondering, Kate chose the menu. Last but not least , I made 6 dozen mini sausage rolls which I must say were the best I have ever made. So good in fact that everyone thought my mum had made them. Mum contributed some fairy cakes and a chocolate sponge. Kate had also requested potato chips/crisps, a bowl of mixed lollies and some fizzy cordial.

Kate doesn't have any girl cousins who live close by so it was an all boy affair today apart from the grown ups. She was given some beautiful presents , some lovely hugs and kisses and with the phone calls as well she went off to bed a very happy little ten year old.

I don't feel sad that she is growing up because she is doing it with such grace and love. I do wish that she had some little sisters and brothers so that we could keep going through this process but I am more than happy with the three children we have.

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  1. Sounds like you all had a proper feast. Are you putting your feet up now? I'm glad she had a nice birthday...ten is such a good eldest will be ten in May, and I do feel like time is flying away.

  2. Dearest Little Jenny Wren, what a joy to share in all the festivities--thanks so much! As always, it was *almost* like being there. What alot of feasting and merry making. What a special day for sweet Kate. You are a wonderfully loving mama and friend to your precious children. They're so blessed to have you. How thankful I am that God has seen fit to bless me with the gift of your friendship, too.
    Do sit a bit longer and sip your tea a bit more slowly, today, as you rest up from all the fun.
    Lovingly, Jewels

  3. It sounds like fun was had by all! And I love all the different names you have for things- sometimes so different than our American names- somehow tin sounds so much better than pan! I don't even know what copha is! And fairy cakes sound so wonderful!
    So, happy birthday again to your dear sweet Kate- may she be blessed with many more!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful day.
    I'am glad she had a beautiful birthday. My youngest will be eleven in september.
    Thank you for sharing in all the festivities.

  5. What a lovely afternoon tea party. Kate looks lovely in her green cardigan. Did you knit that, Jenny?

  6. Happy Birthday, Kate!!!

    I love her sweater...did you make it?

    I always do all the cooking at the last minute as well. I like the house to smell like baking :-)

  7. Hi Jen,
    They do grow up fast. My little gilr turns 29 this month. Seems just yesterday she was playing dolls.
    I enjoy my visits with you.

  8. What a special day Jenny and afternoon tea is such a lovely way to celebrate.

    I loathe chocolate crackles too so I've made a note of your recipe. :-)

  9. Hi, This is the first time I have commented on your blog. I have three children, one girl and two boys. We live in country New South Wales. Sounds like your daughter has had a wonderful party. What special times. I really enjoy reading your blog and hope to get one going myself. Angela

  10. sounds like a wonderful chocolatey afternoon tea. What a caring mumma you are to make all those delicious things for your daughter to share on her day.


  11. Happy (a day late) birthday to the lovely Kate Double digits - excellent! A family gathering - excellent too!

  12. Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration :) Your descriptions of everything alsmost made me imagine I was there too :) Have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now and finally decided to comment.

  13. Hi Natalie, yes ten is a wonderful age. You can really feel that you are on the cusp of something wonderful,a little girl about to take flight.

    Hi Jewels, it was a lovely day, comfortable and relaxed but very special as well. Don't worry I made sure I lingered over my cuppa and I really did put my feet up. I don't think I remembered to sit down all day.

    Hi Regina,I've always thought pan sounds so much better than tin. Copha is solidified coconut oil, I think its used because it melts at a higher temperature and so the chocolate crackles stay together better when you take them out of the fridge. Fairy cakes are wonderful. They are little cup cakes with a tiny circle cut out of the top. The circle is filled with cream and a little blob of jelly(jello) and the piece of cut out cake is cut in half to make little wings and place on the cream. Then you dust it with icing (confectioners) sugar.

    Hi Bettina,it was a wonderful day. Our babies are growing up so quickly.

    Hi Rhonda, no I actually bought the cardigan. Its all cotton and such a pretty colour. A Target special.

    Hi Dannielle, Both my mother and my sister always do all their preparations the day before a party and they can't understand old last minute me. No I didn't make the cardigan I bought it. Its pretty isn't it.

    Hi Elizabeth, it seems they stay our babies no matter how old they grow.

    Hi Polly and thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only chocolate crackle hater.The chocolate and marshmallows make all the difference.

    Hi Angela and welcome. Good luck with the blog, I'm sure you will enjoy yourself. Let me know when its up and running.

    Hi Lenny, yes it was a case of when too much chocolate is barely enough. We always make a big fuss of birthdays with special food and plenty of family. It's nice.

    Hi Susan, you're doing my trick of arriving when the party is almost over. I kept a couple of fairy cakes and a chocolate crackle for you.

    Hi Lisa and welcome, I've seen your face at Rhonda's blog haven't I.


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