Following in my footsteps

23 Aug 2007

Last night when I went to visit my dad, or Dessie as he is universally known, I had to leave another patient behind. Stephen has managed to get the flu even though he had decided to be vaccinated against it this year. I left him somewhat feverish and resting on the couch but he was in the capable hands of nurse Kate.

Louis was taking care of dinner, Andy was keeping the fire going and Kate was coordinating the whole show just like Mama. When I came home she gave me the full nursing report on her dad's temperature and was very pleased when I thanked her for looking after him for me.

She had her regular visit from a school friend yesterday who for some reason feels that our home is so very different from her own. She seems to feel that she is in another world when she is here though I'm sure her own home is loving and warm.

Yesterday they were playing mothers, they were happily in a land of unembarrassed make believe even though they are ten years old. Part of the mother costume was Kate's and my clogs found this morning lined up at the back door. The other essential was to wear a shawl and wrap their babies in them when they went out for a walk. They had a lovely time picking flowers, making potions and being mothers. Kate just continued in the role when I went out.

My dad was resting peacefully and the nausea that had plagued him had subsided. Today he is having more tests as they search for a diagnosis. He balance is very poor, he can't stand or walk but he has kept his sense of humour and will no doubt have regained his cheekiness in a day or two. Stephen has taken to his bed after a visit to the doctor this morning.

I bought a special morning tea treat while he was at the doctor but he was not interested. I guess I'll have to eat the whole lot myself. Well maybe that is a bit ambitious, I'll share some with the children when they arrive back from school.

Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers for my dad. Blogland is a wonderfully generous place and it means a lot to me that you take the time to share my concern and leave me your kind messages. God willing Dessie will get a little better each day and be home in my mum's loving care before long.

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  1. I am so glad your Dad is feeling better. I came to you from Jewel's blog and really love the doll's you make. I am making a cloth doll for my daughter for her birthday. Your dolls are such a inspiration. Blessings, Tami

  2. I love the story of your daughter and her friend, it's so magic when children can be children. She has a wonderful role model to learn from.

    Sounds as though your nursing skills will be needed during the coming few days. Glad to hear that your dad is doing ok, hope his recovery continues. Thoughts to S also, this flu has been really debilitating this season.

    cheers Lenny

  3. I'm so glad your dad is feeling a little better, I hope he continues to improve at such a good pace.

    I too like the fact that your double figures girl can still play unselfconsiously with her friend, there's something so very nice about that.

    I wish I lived closer I'd supply you and Stephen with some of the ginger cordial I's pokey old stuff and although it may not cure the flu it may help him to forget that he has it in the first place!

  4. Hi Jenny
    Im a little behind in my reading, sorry to hear your Dad has not been well. I got cross thinking about the public hospital system whilst I read your post.
    All the best and hope he gets better soon.

  5. Great news ur dad is feeling better!!!I have been thinking about u all day!!! Our hospital system sucks...bigtime!!! but what can we do??? we rely on it to be there when we need it and its not!!! Kate is such a sweetie, she sounds just like her mum!!! be proud!!! Hope Steven feels better soon as well, this flu is nasty!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. We have a ten year old who loves to play make believe too. Your Dad is in my prayers.

  7. I'm glad to hear your dad has begun to feel less naseaus(the spelling is totally wrong) and that he has kept his humour. Humour is a relief in trying times I think:-)
    I love that your daughter still plays make believe. Too many little girls grow out of it so young! I pray mine will play like that for a very long time:-)

    Still praying and I hope your hubby feels better.

    Lots of love,

  8. Your dad is feeling better! What a blessing. I hope he is on the road to recovery.

    When I think of it, I don't remember *ever* playing house as a kid. But when I was older, I got addicted to the Sims for a while :)

  9. So glad to hear that your dad is feeling better. Praying that he continues to mend and that the doctors arrive at a good diagnosis and can have him back on his feet.

    I loved hearing about your daughter and her friend. My girls are grown, but I remember so well the days of dress up and house playing. My oldest is playing house for keeps now, with four little ones of her own. Seems like just yesterday......

    I hope your husband is doing better, too.

  10. Hello Jenny :o)
    What wonderful news that your dear dad is doing better--that's great. We sure will be continuing to pray. Please do keep us updated, okay. I'm going to pray specifically, that he regains his cheekiness at warp speed! Kate is so very sweet. How precious that she was able to stand in your stead, and care for her papa. I do hope that Stephen rests well and feels lots better, soon. I loved hearing about Kate and her friend playing *mothers*. You surely are blessed indeed, little jenny wren. Hmmm, *did you* gobble up the whole lot, yourself? I'm so glad to see that you were in no way ill affected by gobbling up all that lovely chocolate, during your birthday extravaganza, but rather things have only gotten *sweeter* for you, there! I loved the "driving" theatre idea--yes, just what it was :o)
    Lovingly, Jewels

  11. Oh, Jenny, so glad that your dad is better!

  12. That is good news about your dad... they are so precious, our dear parents.
    Hope hubby gets better soon as well and it sounds like all was left in the very capable hands of Kate!
    Take care of yourself now as well!

  13. Praying for your dad. I'm late checking in, but I am glad he is doing a bit better.

  14. Hi Jenny :o) Just headed off to bed and wanted to come by and say that I'm thinking of you and praying for you my dear, sweet friend. I sure hope that your dad is doing better. I do hope, too that your mom is holding up well during this difficult time.
    Sending much love to you, ((Jenny))
    xo Jewels

  15. Hoping your dad is continuing to improve and they have figured it all out by now. Waiting for the diagnosis can really be the hard part.

    Cannot believe it is daffodil time in your area already. Our summer is dragging on - no hint of fall yet, so it seems the seasons are turning only on one side of the world.

    Sweltering again today - so reading and knitting!

  16. Hope your dad is feeling better and home soon. What a delightful blog you have happening here.

  17. Jenny, I hope your father and Stephen feel better soon. The flu that is going around is a really nasty one, isn't it?

    I loved hearing about Kate's make believe games. She sounds like a great young nurse, too.


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