Dolly Day

2 Aug 2007

It has been a perfect dolly day today. I awoke to the sound of heavy rain and a small cat sitting on me trying to let me know that it was definitely breakfast time. Everyone was a little weary this morning after yesterday's festivities but they all got up without grumbling and eventually headed off to school. Their lunch boxes were brimming with leftover goodies from yesterday.

After a cursory bit of housekeeping I settled in to some serious doll making.

Stocks in my etsy shop are very low and I also have a couple of orders to fill. The latest doll to find a home is this little fellow who will be flying off tomorrow to New York State. That's a long way for such a little one to go all on his own.

I made a deal with Louis that I am going to get ten dolls finished in ten days. Some are already half done, some just begun and some are still an idea. It's not as hard as it sounds because five of them are little dolls like the one going to New York and they are almost ready, just the final assembling to do.

Sounds like famous last words to me. I find things tend to take twice as long as I think they are going to.

The dolls that I was making a couple of weeks ago have all found good homes . I forgot to take photos of some of them . I'm always so anxious to pack them properly and send them off then later I realise I'll never see them again.

Do you know this is the first year since Kate was born that I haven't made her a doll for her birthday.She didn't really want one this year although she says she wants everyone I make. I'll have to make her something for Christmas, I've been wanting to try my hand at making some puppets so maybe I could try that.

ps. I've found out who the little doll is going to live with. Its the lovely Beth, one of the first bloggers I ever linked to who has been gone from the blogosphere since last September. I think she may be going to get her blog going again and that would be great.

2 Responses to “Dolly Day”

  1. What an adorable dolly. It's difficult sometimes when our little girls begin to grow up and want things other than dolls for their birthdays. I recall the Christmas I wanted to buy my daughter a tea set and mentioned that to her. She said that she preferred a BB-gun. Ah well, they do grow up and change.


  2. What a lovely little doll.


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