31 Aug 2007


How cute are these little ones? I don't want to sound like I'm bragging but I am constantly surprised by the final product of my doll making. I must say I love everyone of them , they have such dear sweet faces and huggable bodies. These lovelies are finally on the way to their new home in Melbourne. I managed to get a bit behind with my orders over the past couple of weeks because of my dad's hospital stay and Stephen's bout of the flu but I'm back on track now and that feels good.

Most of the knitting I do for my dolls is in 4ply on needles between 2.75mm and 3.25mm. I'm always on the look out for thin wool when I go to the op shop or odd balls at the yarn shop. I only need small amounts for most of the things I make but I like it if I can find a few balls of something that is particularly pretty or soft or useful.

I popped into the local op shop on the way to the supermarket yesterday and found these cones of Bendigo and Wangaratta 4ply wool in lovely clear colours. The picture is a bit gack because I took it after dinner tonight with artificial light. The darker blue is actually a pretty mid blue, and the red is less orange than it looks. The wool was $1.50 per cone which is a nice price.

Don't forget if you want to be in the doll give away just click on the link at the top of the sidebar and leave a comment for the give away post.


6 Responses to “Cute”

  1. They look like they would make a wonderful gift... they seem very cuddly!

  2. Your babies are so darling! My daughter and I tried our hands at our first rag dolls and I hope to have photos ready to share by tomorrow....but I must admit they are nowhere near as sweet as yours.

  3. I love the three lottle dolls, but the gang is the best. I love them.
    I think it`s time to start my doll-production. From september to november its doll-time.

  4. Oh these are sweet, little babies. Quite frankly I'm not sure that I could ever part with them!

  5. jenny, you should be proud of your dolls. You do such lovely work. I love those tiny ones. They really do look like a mama with her children.


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