A Creative Home.

8 Aug 2007

Parts of that movie keep coming back to me today. One of the main drivers of the plot is the stark comparison between the home of the Stasi man and that of the playwright. One so soul less and neat almost clinical yet cheap looking in it's modernity and the other so rich with soul life,trappings of a life truly being lived , a comfortable scruffiness and beauty that could only foster creativity.

Obviously there was meant to be a difference that jolted your sensibilities but the difference wasn't because of great financial wealth rather because of an appreciation of the deeper layers of humankind that need to be fed with things of beauty; books, music, food, art, the possibility of being able to create something and to appreciate those around us who also create.

A warm and welcoming home is an artistic creation as much as any other and it feeds and restores the body, mind and soul of all who spend time there. It is definitely not about money, the expensive things you can buy, having someone decorate your house for you or having the latest look dictated by the style magazines. It's not about having a spotlessly clean house with a large entertaining area and every modern gadget, or a home that is decorated with great attention to historical accuracy.

A home has to be truly lived in, people have to spend time there not just to sleep. It's a place where meals are made, dishes done, problems talked through, joys celebrated, it's a private place for family and a place you welcome friends to. But it's also a place we make beautiful by keeping things that make us feel deeply; books, music, good food, pieces of art, pottery, objects and past times that we love and choose to have not for what they say about us but for what they say to us.

Choose colours that make your heart sing, don't worry about resale value, this is your home. Make curtains that suit you or have none if that's what you have always wanted. Fill the house with flowers or plant a garden close to the windows so that you can always see the changing seasons . Have furniture that is a pleasure to touch, with lines that please your eye and gussy it up any way you choose. Keep a shelf completely clear but for a small posy vase of flowers and enjoy the emptiness. Choose natural fibres; wood, stone, clay, cotton,wool,pottery,glass, things that are wonderful to touch, to smell, that absorb human warmth. Be aware of what makes you feel good, feel right, feel comforted, feel stimulated. Let your home grow around you and make the most of what you have.

In the film, the world around was so grey, so colourless, everything kept in check but around the home of the playwright things became more human, less predictable, more organic, trees, children playing, more individuality and softer. The playwright lived within the rules of his society but made the most of what he had, made a creative home that nurtured his spirit.

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  1. Jenny, your posts are always so honest and real. Your home looks very welcoming and loving. I have tried for ages to capture a 'feeling' in my home that I feel in others homes. It still doesn't feel right to me, but maybe I'm just trying too hard, maybe i just need to live here, with only things that we love and mean something to us and not try to recreate that 'feel', just let it happen?? I don't spend heaps of money and my home certainly isn't from the pages of a magazine, and I paint and decorate it myself. My family all say that it feels right to them, like a safe, secure place where they can just be. Not sure why it's not that for me. Oh well sorry to ramble as usual loved your post.

    Oh and yes Barnaby does seem to be a bit breathless of late.

    cheers Lenny

  2. I so agree with Lenny, that your posts are always so honest and real, and your home always so welcoming and loving--how I *so enjoy* being here. And, I'm so grateful, that no matter how late things go here, and what time I'm able to come by I always find the door unlatched, and that you never mind me kicking back and taking in all the loveliness--usually in your warm, cosy kitchen, while you are asleep! You really are so very true blue. I loved your note and will writing back soon. Raining here, today. I hope you're having a wonderful day, Jenny.
    Lovingly, Jewels

  3. "not for what they say about us but for what they say to us"

    Lovely post, Jenny. Do you know, the warmth of your home comes through in your pictures?


  4. What a great post! I think I strive to hard like Lenny. Right now though, I am simply trying to find my home underneath all the clutter. It is slowly becoming a "home", a refuge.

    Thanks for that post...really great!

    Lots of love,

  5. Thank you for the post and sharing pictures of your home. I adore that little piglet. Did you make it?

  6. What a wonderful post. We do think alike, you and I. I too love the piglet. He's very sweet and looks very comfy in with the pears and apples.

  7. I think seeing our houses as an investment commodity is a little dangerous as we stop seeing them as homes. I suppose this is one of my pet peeves...decorating your house always with resale value in mind...it means we lose all individuality and character and warmth because the decorating was done with all the wrong intentions. The home has always been a private place where the owner's creativity could shine though. I always used to like going to someone's home whose taste was completely different to my own, I like to see how people express themselves artistically when they feel at their most comfortable...vive la difference! Now we see our homes as an investment we've lost something precious.

  8. Hi Lenny, I actually don't think I ever tried to "capture a feeling" in my home, I just had a good look round one day and realised that I loved my home. It's small, has very little storage space and is nothing like my "dream" house but there are so many things about it that I love the main one being that it is where my family are most of the time.

    Hi Jewels,You are always welcome, not even the dog bothers to bark when you drop by.

    Hi Marie, thanks.

    Hi Sommer, I'm sure it is a refuge for your family already.

    Hi Crafty, yes i did make the pig , he gradually makes his way around the house. I think he is on top of the TV at the moment.

    Hi Natalie, its so true isn't it. Our homes really lose something when they become just another step on the property ladder.If you can't truly express yourself at home what hope is there.

    Hi Rhonda, kindred spirits.

  9. Jenny, I particularly appreciated (and agree with) this statement:
    "A home has to be truly lived in, people have to spend time there not just to sleep."

    Thank you Jenny!


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