The company of women

26 Aug 2007

Hello everyone. I fell off the face of the earth for a while there. I have been so tired my eyes fall deliciously closed even before the children have gone to bed so dragging myself to the computer hasn't been as tempting as dragging myself off to my snuggly cosy bed.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. My dad is doing really well and may be good enough to go home tomorrow. He has regained his normally cheeky smile and is walking, a bit wobbly but independently. It is so wonderful to see him looking well after looking so frail and bewildered.

Stephen is a lot better too and hopefully he managed to keep his germs to himself.

Louis had his School Ball last night. He looked so wonderfully handsome and his partner was beautiful. By all accounts they had a really enjoyable evening and I did get some pictures but I haven't got Louis' permission to blog them so I may not be able to share them.

During my time as chief nurse I reorganized my work table and did some quiet doll work. But between visiting the hospital, caring for Stephen and keeping up with the house and washing, baking and cooking I haven't had time for much else. We have been blessed with glorious sunny weather and the sounds of very busy birds singing and flitting all around the garden. I have certainly had time for quiet cups of tea in the front garden. It's good for the soul I think to feel the warm sun after the winter chills and listen to the garden coming back to life.

While Louis was at the Ball last night there was a dinner for the parents who have been together for the past six years as our children have moved through senior school. I wasn't going to go but Stephen was well enough for me to go and leave him at home with Kate and Andy.

I had a wonderful night, talking with people who I have known for some time but not known well. We had some wonderful conversations about being the mother of older children and how our lives are changing as we move into a new stage of our lives. We had much in common and many differences as well and I found it really interesting, much like attending playgroup when the children were small and finding comfort in the shared experiences.

Some of the women seemed so very tired with all the work they had to do and had little time for quiet reflection, others were very excited as they were moving into new careers or study or like me happily at home. I must say I was in the minority but I felt respected, as I think we all did, as mature women who had made conscious decisions about our lives and , if we weren't following the path we wanted were at least thinking and planning. There was no sense of competition only genuine interest in how others are making the journey.

A very enlightening and entertaining evening.

6 Responses to “The company of women”

  1. It's lovely to get reinforcement that we are doing the right thing isn't it? Hope all goes well in your neck of the woods in the next few weeks.

  2. Wonderful to hear that your Dad is doing so much better. I hope his speedy recovery continues.

    I think many women underestimate how hard it can be to mother children once they enter adolescence. I know from experience what a trying time this can be. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home for the last 12 years with my kids until my youngest turned 19 last year. Now seeing my kids as honest, responsible, compassionate and successful adults I know that it was 12 years well spent and by far my proudest achievement.

  3. Wishing your Dad a full and speedy recovery.

    ... And, how lovely it is, to be in company of nice women when it's all friendliness and no competition. So rare!

  4. Glad to hear your dad is doing ok.
    Sounds like a great night for you last night. I do love to get together with others and hear how they make things work for them and their family.

    cheers Lenny

  5. I'm so glad you had a good time when you went out the other night. I'm really pleased that your dad is doing so well, he sounds like a pretty strong old chap.


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