Chocolates and carrots

15 Aug 2007

Plonked on the kitchen table late yesterday: Kate's violin, Louis' vital football tipping things and a bunch of delicious violets from my mum. A suburban still life.

Kate's violin playing is just about to take flight. She is able to play more and more songs by ear with no need for music and she has wonderful tone and expression. I, in my ignorance, had never really thought of the violin as a solo instrument able to make your spirit soar without the need for a large orchestra to give it substance. I understand now why Pa Ingalls enjoyed playing his fiddle and his family enjoyed listening, it is such a versatile friend to have.

I have joined a group of knitters around Australia who are knitting blankets for needy children. This is the first one that has been made by the group and it arrived in my home yesterday. I think it has already been in three different states and is looking so pretty. It is accompanied by a book that each knitter has written a special message in for the recipient . There are some lovely verses in it. If you want to read more about the blanket go to the blog, it's all there.

And last week I received my dishcloth in Rhonda's dishcloth swap. Michelle made this beauty for me using autumn colours because she knew it was my favourite season. For someone who hasn't knitted for a long time she did a great job. I haven't posted mine off yet. The deadline is tomorrow so I had better get cracking.

Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. It has made my birthday last even longer. Now to clear up that chocolate question, I was given three boxes of chocolates , each about 250g ( 1/2 lb). One box are the very special hand made truffles from the local chocolate shop. It is the birthday rule that you don't have to share these. The other chocolates I let the children have as many as they wanted and while there are still a few left they won't see out the day.

My truffles I have been slowly eating whenever I have a coffee or just because. So decadent. There won't be any left after today I'm sure but this is what they looked like before I started enjoying them.

I have some herb seedlings to plant in a pot today, the washing to get finished and dry hopefully before the forecast showers arrive, a parcel to take to the post office ( sorry Jewels, I promised last week and now I find a whole week has passed and it is still not posted), some dolls to photograph and put in the shop, soup to make for an easy dinner because we are going to my sister's to celebrate my nephew's 10th birthday and will be having birthday treats but not a meal, have to collect Kate from school and then meet Louis to look for a waistcoat to jazz up his suit for the school ball in about a week's time and that's all I can think of at the moment.

Yesterday when I was beetling around in the vegie garden I noticed some tiny carrot seedlings popping up. Kate planted them about two months ago and there has been no action. As soon as they were planted the kittens had decided that was the best spot to practise digging and rolling and jumping on one another so I thought all the seeds had been lost but they must have been waiting for the right weather. Of course now that I have disturbed the soil around them by pulling weeds the kittens will probably get interested in that spot again.

Well I had better turn this thing off and get on with my day, and my chocolates.

11 Responses to “Chocolates and carrots”

  1. A very late, belated Happy Birthday Jenny, sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  2. How wonderful to have a violinist in the family. Lucky you!

  3. A belated birthday to you, Jenny! I followed the link from Jewels' blog over here. You have a lovely blog!
    Blessings to you!

  4. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like your day was wonderful.

    Your chocolates look good enough to eat, even through the computer screen. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love the truffles!
    I will really have to start up kntting again... there are so many fabulous things one can do knitting!
    Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  6. The blanket is very beautiful. What a great idea for it to be passed around like that. It must be great to see the other women's knitting styles and stitches.

  7. Jenny,

    You have such a lovely blog here. I read through some of your posts, and will definitely read more from your archives, as time allows. I, too, come here from Jewels.

  8. The violin comments got my attention because my 9-yr-old GD plays and it's so fun to watch her playing improve as each year goes by. It's my favorite instrument. And more belated birthday wishes.

  9. The shared knitting on the blanket is a wonderful idea!!!!

    I love the fall colors of your dishcloth. I'm sorry I missed the exchange. Maybe next time.

  10. Hi Tan, Thank you, I had a lovely day.

    Hi Susan, Yes I always thought a screechy violin would be awful but thankfully she has always been able to make a sweet sound with it.

    Hi Kathy and welcome. Thanks for coming to visit.

    Hi Barbara, Thanks for coming to visit again after such a long time. The chocolates were delicious.

    Hi Natalie, yes it's lovely to be a part of something that others have worked on. Everyone seems to be very neat with their knitting and the colours are lovely.

    Hi Regina,It is lovely to be knitting something so special. There are lots of charity knitting projects if you check out the net.

    Hi Anna and welcome, glad you took the time to visit.

    Hi Connie and welcome. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have grown to love the violin too.

    Hi Knitter,I'm sure there will be another swap that you could take part in.

  11. Happy Birthday Jenny Wren!
    That dish cloth is a beautiful accent on your kitchen faucet!



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