Big weather

10 Aug 2007

Look at these cute little rudey nudies and wee little baby who have been helping me with the washing up.

We have had big weather here today, lots of strong winds and pelting rain.

I have spent the day doll making and knitting. Thankfully I didn't have to go anywhere today.

Katie arrived home wet through and hopped straight into a hot bath.

I think this is the cutest little doll I have ever made. She is only 8" tall and has the sweetest little body, like a little jelly baby. I'm planning on putting her in the shop early next week. I actually made the hat first and then made a doll to fit it.

More rain and wind forecast for the weekend with both boys playing in preliminary finals for their football/ soccer teams. Looks like a busy Saturday and a quiet Sunday and that's just

6 Responses to “Big weather”

  1. The hat is perfect for her no matter the order in which they were created!

    We're having big weather here too on the other side of the world.

  2. Your dolls are so cute. The little one looks so nice. I love the one with the hat.
    We are having also big weather here in Switzerland. Many villages are flooded

  3. The little dollies are so sweet...
    I love the rain... which we have not had any lately! And it's been boiling! Some people have too much, some not enough...

  4. you know I love your dolls.
    weather is all the same in tasmania, switzerland or germany. Its raining the whole day long. No summer this year.

  5. so very cute.they will look lovely when completed.

  6. looks like the perfect day for doll making all coszy in th ehouse.


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