Yellow green apples.

20 Jul 2007

I have had to run a few errands today. Number one was to take Kate to school. She had an extreme case of Mondayitis on Friday and was trying to stay home. Then she remembered that she is staying at a friend's house tonight and she wouldn't be allowed if she was too sick and tired to go to school.
She was too late to go with the others so we went together on the bus. We had a bit of a walk from the bus stop and it was lovely. All the mad get to school and work rush was over and the streets were quiet, the sun was shining, the air was clear and we had a lovely chat as we walked hand in hand.

Then I walked into town, paid some bills, went to the fabric shop for doll supplies, went to the library to pick up my book " The Simple Life" about the Amish and then home again, home again, jiggity jig.

The reason Kate was tired is that she performed in a school concert last night. It finished a 8pm but I think the change in routine, that is going out at night, made her more tired. We had an early tea and I pilfered the last of the green, now yellow apples, from the tree to supplement a couple of rejected school lunch pears to make an apple and pear crumble for pudding.

When I went out this morning to start a new load of washing, Badger's father was sitting on the tree house. With the morning sun behind him he looks like some strange mythical creature but he is really just a very handsome tom cat.

Mid term break starts today, a four day weekend and then exams for Louis and the birthday countdown for Kate. Hope you have a happy weekend.

8 Responses to “Yellow green apples.”

  1. My 10 year old girl still grabs my hand when we cross the street. It's so nice isnt it?

  2. Are there any Amish living where you are? I know they are moving farther away from their central areas now, at least here in the US. I grew up across the river from the Amish in PA and every time I go home, I have to visit the farmer's market. I love seeing the horse and buggies and the quilts hanging out for sale and the clotheslines hung full of colorful clothing!

  3. Hi Jen,
    I have that amish book. I love it. I love to read about the amish. We try to live a very simple life.

  4. I love to read about the amish. I like her language.
    I don't have that amish book. So I will buy it.
    I wish you a happy weekend.

  5. Hi Tan, it is lovely to have the chance to walk hand in hand.

    Hi Regina, to my knowledge there are no Amish in Australia. WE do have a Hutterite settlement in NSW. In Tasmania the Exclusive Brethren are the only group of Plain People and some of them are not very plain to the outsider.

    Hi Carolyn, thank you.

    Hi Elizabeth and welcome. I am enjoying the book.

    Hi Bettina,You know of course that the Amish originally came from Switzerland.

  6. My eldest has just finished school for the big summer break. It's like breathing a big sigh of relief. Let me know if you like that Amish book, I've seen it around and have been tempted to read it.

  7. Hi Natalie, the book is not really so much about the Amish but is a series of Amish scenarios to illustrate a lesson. Its quite enjoyable to read but a bit syrupy. Lots of recipes though.


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