22 Jul 2007

The wintersweet is flowering in the front garden. The fragrance along with that of the daphne are the two fragrances of my birthday. My birthday is not until August but the smell takes me back through all those years to when I was about nine or ten, about Kate's age. Mum always had some of both wintersweet and daphne in little vases around the house during these cold bare winter months. When I had grown and left home she always included a small bunch of wintersweet in my birthday parcel.

The shrub that is now flowering in my garden grew from a seed from mum's garden. It is a straggly looking plant but that smell is divine. Kate had a fall yesterday and has a nasty graze on her knee. While she was lying on the couch letting the sun do its healing magic I gave her a small piece of wintersweet. It took her mind off the pain.

I spent the better half of the morning on the couch myself but rallied around morning tea time and took a stroll around the garden looking for some colour.

The geraniums have no flowers but their leaves have some lovely seasonal colours and the plants that have evaded the frosts look really healthy.

The magnificent borage that thrived all through last winter managed to set seeds all over the vegetable garden and now they are in flower. I'm sure they are confused.When the weather gets hot and dry, after Christmas they tend to curl up their toes and die.

The poor old tamarisk tree is facing another spring. Slowly as the years go by more and more branches crack and fall off but it bravely blossoms each year in late October. The tree was in bloom when we bought our house nineteen years ago. The kittens love to scoot up to the top of it and excitedly sharpen their claws.

The polyanthus that mum gave me for mother's day in May is still flowering profusely but this little one is a baby from the plant she gave me last year. It's such a pretty shade of blue.

Each year when we prune the trees we keep all the prunings and slowly over the months whittle them down to lovely piles of sticks to use as kindling for the fire. Stephen used to do it on his own but this year it was a family effort and really took no time at all.

Well the horse has been fed and watered and looks content, I'm sure you will agree so it is time for me to put the roast in the oven, bring the washing in, check the fires and have a nice cup of coffee.

6 Responses to “Wintersweet”

  1. I love Daphne and can't wait for mine to flower, the scent is devine. I don't know wintersweet but I'm going to look out for it, I love scented plants at this time of the year. They are so cheerful, on a dull day.


  2. I love daphne so much but I can't grow it in Brisbane. It reminds me so much of my childhood as my mother had a lovely bush of it.
    I came across your blog for the first time today and I love it and the life that you are leading. You have your values in the right place.

  3. I've been paying you a visit every now and then Jenny for a while now but I don't think I've ever said hello. Your world seems full of peace and contentment and it's a pleasure to pop in.

    I love the perfume of daphne but have never had success growing it. I've never seen wintersweet but I'll keep my eyes open for it now.

  4. Beautiful pictures, and very strange to see borage flowering in the middle of your Winter! Though the last winter was so mild it flowered right into November, as did the roses - but we've been forewarned of an icy Winter to come! What does Wintersweet smell like - we don't, to my knowledge have it over here?

    Have a lovely week.

  5. Loved this post I almost felt I was in your garden and wanted to say that I also loved your Amish doll - somehow she looks so much nicer without the face.

  6. Hi Lenny, if you follow the link you can find the latin name for wintersweet, that might help you find it at a nursery. If mine has seed pods this year i could sen you some. It takes a while though before they are mature enough to flower, probably 5 or 6 years.

    Hi Sandra and welcome,I hope you come visit again.

    Hi Polly and welcome,I'm glad you decided to say hello.I had a Daphne bush once that was growing well and then it just turned up its toes and died. I think they can be temperamental.

    Hi Tash, yes my borage is crazy. The plant I had some years ago that seeded happily through the garden behaved normally. Perhaps this one is a "winter" borage.I can't really describe wintersweet it is sweet but not cloying perhaps a little like lemon blossom.

    Hi Carolyn, thanks, she is a sweet doll.


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