Suburban Subversives

13 Jul 2007

Here are my nominations for Bloggers for Positive Global Change.

Natalie at Isabella in the 21st century - Natalie is a constant source of practical ideas about how to manage a home with sensitivity and due care for the environment. She has a strong sense of justice always tempered with a wicked wit.

Jewels at Eyes of Wonder - Jewels shows us how to see beauty in the everyday and live our days to the full. Finding beauty in household tasks means our lives are constantly enriched without the need to be trawling the local shopping centre for thrills.

Willow at Contemplating Change - Willow lives a normal suburban family life but lives purposefully and is trying to live as self sufficiently as possible.

Kate at Our Red House - Kate is another of the suburban subversives trying to run a household that is mindful of its impact on the environment and finding great joy in her journey.

Kris at Garden Variety - is a fellow Tassie blogger who loves the thrill of feeding her family from the garden and sees the need for a stronger community spirit.

SUBURBAN SUBVERSIVES ONE AND ALL, and to borrow from Natalie, perhaps they are all HOMESPUN REVOLUTIONARIES.

And now, a blessing from me.

May your home be a place of industry and love,
of peace and creativity,
of acceptance and inspiration.

May it be a true refuge for all who spend time there
and shine as an example of a real home.

for the meme rules follow the link Bloggers for Positive Global Change

2 Responses to “Suburban Subversives”

  1. Hi Jenny
    Thank you for the nomination, it was really kind of you. I'm also going to check out some of the other blogs you mentioned.

    PS. I like the Suburban Subversives tag...I love a bit of alliteration!

  2. Hi Jenny, thank you for the mention and I hope you are now feeling better.
    I loved the Good Life. It is one of those books that I read cover to cover and now keep handy to dip into from time to time. Just recently I was reading about how they got the most from their gardening by planting for autumn on the very same day as harvesting their summer crops.
    I also like the fact that they were able to limit their "bread labour" to just four hours a day - that seems a good goal to aspire to!


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