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29 Jul 2007

The industrious woman at home carefully and contentedly making things for her home. I can't imagine being a housewife/homemaker and not being able to make something be it a good pot of soup, a batch of biscuits; some knitted item such as a cardigan, baby booties, a dish cloth; sew a skirt,a place mat, a quilt; do some mending or take up a hem; tending a garden or pots of herbs; painting walls or old furniture. There are so many avenues for creativity within the home and garden there is always the opportunity to improve your skills or learn new ones sometimes from necessity or desire.

Today, in the quiet of the afternoon I stitched up a cardigan I have been knitting for ever. It's my "car knitting project". Because I don't drive when we go on a journey of a decent length I knit. It's very plain knitting so that I don't have to follow a pattern. I tend to get car sick if I read in the car so I need something that is predictable and preferably just stocking stitch. Reading Elizabeth Zimmerman's advice I picked up the stitches for the front band two stitches for every three rows and the band sits beautifully. There is always something new you can learn and practice.

I split some wood so I would have some small pieces to start the fire in the morning. This is something I really need to practice as my technique is abysmal but I managed a nice little pile and gave a few muscles a good work out.

And for dessert tonight I've made chocolate sago pudding, something I haven't tried before and might just be awful but it's good to try something new and we won't starve if the pudding is awful, I'll just chalk it up to experience.

Did you learn something new today?

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  1. I've learned where I can buy heirloom phlox varieties for my garden; something I've been looking for for quite a while. And later I will examine two books from the library with the hope of learning how to make picture frames.

    Is your picture by Carl Larsson? I love his depictions of family life.

    Sago pudding sounds exotic and homey all at the same time. Hope it's delicious!


  2. Until today I had never heard of Elizabeth Zimmerman. As a knitter I'm rather embarrassed to admit that. but also intrigued by the snippets I have just been reading at wikipedia. Hmmm I think I need to learn more. Thanks Jenny

  3. I always say I am a homemaker, not a house wife (that sounds like i am married to my home) but a homemaker is something you do. A home just does not happen. It takes action and creativity. I am perfecting my espresso shortbread recipe. Hopefully this time I got it !!! xoxoxo Clarice

  4. I learnt that if you make your favourite recipe for tuna pasta salad and realise that you don't have the mild mustard required, that it's not a good idea to substitute with hot English mustard. We felt like we were eating straight wasabi!

    Seriously though, I have always loved cooking but am now branching out to other things such as knitting and quilting. I have nearly finished my first knitted cotton dishcloth.

  5. Sago brings back childhood memories except we used to call it "frogs' eggs".

    So I hope your chocolate frogs' eggs turn out to be delicious!

  6. Hi Marie,Yes the picture is a Carl Larsson but I don't know what it is called. I love phlox and used to have some in the garden but it disappeared. Doing your own picture framing would be quite adventurous for me, I'm not the best with working out angles. The sago pudding was nice but only Louis agreed with me. The others gave it the thumbs down.

    Hi Polly, I had heard of Elizabeth Zimmerman about 5 years ago but never actually read anything she had written. I was surprised to find two of her books available through the library and I really enjoyed them. They are really good reference books so I hope to one day own them.

    Hi Clarice, I used to always prefer the name homemaker but just lately I've been attracted to the name housewife, not sure why.Espresso shortbread sounds yummy, I hope it went well.

    Oh Kate, I bet you had to gulp down a few glasses of water with that.Well done on the dishcloth. Is it for the swap? I haven't started mine yet but my swap partner has already finished hers.

    Hi Shopping Sherpa, I loved the chocolate frogs eggs but unfortunately it got two thumbs up and three thumbs down. My daughter got a bit confused and called them frogs eyes instead of eggs. Maybe frogs have eyes that are brown.

  7. Sounds like a good day. What is Chocolate Sago Pudding and do you hve the recipe? Thank you.

  8. Learning new things and the promise of learning new's one of the great joys of homemaking! It's still early here, but I think you can pretty much guarantee that I'll learn something new. You live and learn!

    PS. I too prefer the term "homemaker" but I understand your attraction to "housewife", very 18th century yeoman farmer's has a good traditional sound to it.

  9. I am still learning to combine my work as a housewife, and colouring comics (not mine) on the computer.
    And from time to time I make illustrations for a pedagogic magazine. But while doing that, I'm often dreaming of my former crafting, cooking, gardening life.
    I'm afraid I'm not very good at managing my time...

  10. Hello dear Jenny :o)
    Another wonderful post. I too am so fond of Carl Larsson's works, and his wife Karin's, too. The gals and I are also big fans of EZ's, we have quite a few of her books and a few of her knitting videos, also, which are so enjoyable to watch again and again--she's a character. I marvel at the fact that I'm able to do all the very things I as an individual most enjoy--on a daily basis, while keeping my home--reading, writing, cooking, baking, gardening, knitting, making much of our clothing, making dolls and toys for the children. I just yesterday learned how to paint the house more quickly and efficiently with a paint sprayer--attached to the generator, rather than a brush and roller. I love every single creative aspects of homemaking--and there are *so* many to love. You are a daily blessing to me, Jenny. I love walking alongside you, as you too, find immense joy and pleasure in the simple quiet things, of family and home.
    Sending love your way, my beautiful friend, ((Jenny)).
    P.S. Rosie just walked in while I was typing to you and said out of the blue--"Oh mom, Jenny is *such* a nice person." So, I thought I'd pass that little remark along to you :o) You have a wonderful day--I hope your sleep was sweet.

  11. Hi Linda, Chocolate sago pudding is basically a milk pudding flavoured with cocoa and thickened with sago or tapioca. I can send you the recipe if you like.

    Hi Natalie, I've just written a post on the homemaker/ housewife conundrum and I expect you to give me your opinion.

    Hi Sabine, I think time management is a struggle for many of us especially when creative things enter the picture.

    Hi Jewels, Rosie is very sweet to think so highly of me. We truly are blessed and I give thanks every day that my "job" is also my passion. I know you feel the same.

  12. I had a completely frustrating day - I loved reading about yours - it is the exact opposite of mine - with work and me having so little influence over what I can do there - so I rejoice in the opportunity to put that behind me and make some bread tomorrow - but sago is never going to be nice - even with chocolate - waste of good chocolate really Jenny! (I will eat my words if you can honestly report that it was yummy!)


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