So that's her !

9 Jul 2007

I've been tagged for a few memes lately . The first was Kate who wanted me to name some of the things in my fridge, handbag, wardrobe and car.

My fridge at the moment seems to be stuffed full of dairy products: cream, sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk, ricotta cheese, milk, cheddar, parmesan and fetta plus odds and sods condiments, gherkins,dog food, cat food and vegetables in the bottom drawers. We are big dairy eaters in this family and we don't do low fat.

My wardrobe is actually our wardrobe. It's quite small, I have one half and Stephen has the other and surprise surprise it is full of clothes. However at the bottom of my side are such things as; fabric bought on special to recover the kitchen couch waiting patiently until I get inspired, a small box which once held some Wedgewood china but now holds my old birthday cards and is tied with a gold ribbon, a bag of the children's discarded pyjamas that I intend to cut up and make in to a quilt, a couple of skirts that no longer fit but I am never giving them away plus the bits and pieces that keep falling off the hangers, I forget that I own them and then it's a lovely surprise when they resurface.

I don't drive so I won't bother with the car. It's full of the flotsam and jetsam of family life.

My handbag doesn't contain much; a pencil and a notepad, my keys, my purse, some acorns and some of Kate's hairclips.

Kris wants me to tell you 8 random facts about myself. Obviously one is that I like to stand in my bathroom beside the toilet taking photos of myself with strange paintings behind me so that I appear to have a plant growing out of my head.

Another is that I have long tapering fingers that according to my sister are highly desirable but I've always thought were just ordinary. My children all have fingers like mine.

I always wanted to have lots of children and a few cats but instead I have a few children and lots of cats.

I have been getting far too excited lately about getting the washing dry. And yes I am now all caught up, the dirty clothes basket is empty and so is the clothes line.

I will spend the next few hours wondering whether I put the best photo of me in this post, perhaps the one with the proper smile would have been better even though it was blurry.

I have knitting projects in almost every room in the house in case I get the urge to knit and can't make it to the lounge room in time.

I have just watched an episode of All Creatures great and Small, the one where James and Helen get married. I love that series.

My eyes look very small when I smile.

I am also involved in another meme but that will have to wait. I'm not going to tag anyone but If you want to have a go consider yourself tagged.

11 Responses to “So that's her !”

  1. Oh ((Jenny))! You are *so very* beautiful! I am so thankful that you didn't put the blurry photo up instead of this. Jenny, this morning has been, and continues to be an incredibly painful one for me and for my precious Rosie (and everyone, here, but especially Rosie, and because it is so intensely painful for her, it is all the more so, for us). Rosie's dearly loved black lab of many, many, years, died this morning. She lost another black lab, a couple of summers ago, that was so ill that she had to be put to sleep and Rosie held her as she died. I thought I was literally going to die--through that, and the pain is here again, today--that I know will only lessen with time. It is just crushing to see your children hurt so heartwise. She (and I) have been crying all morning. So, I just came in here for a moment to do something on the computer and saw that you had posted. Though you are a bright spot in each and every day for us, you were/are a special blessing, today--understatement, truly. You are so warm and real and tender--and have the sweetest, most gentle sense of humor. Both Rosie and I were laughing and laughing, through our tears while reading you sweet words. Thanks dear Jenny, for posting that beautiful photo of you. You made our day. Thanks for listening to my rambling sorrow and pain. I'm so glad you *were home*.

  2. Nice to know more about you! We love All Creatures here too - don't think we have seen the one where they get married though. Will have to be on the lookout for it. I love Lynda Bellingham as the later Helen - and I also love listening to her in Heated Rollers on BBC 7 - although a very different grown-up entertainment that is.

    We cleaned out our car today. Now the flotsam and jetsam is in the living room, waiting to be sorted. And I am in the process of cleaning out my purse...better get on with it!

  3. Jenny, a while back you mentioned us being like twins, the same age, similar interests, boys of almost the same age ( though I missed out on the daughter and the cats!) but now seeing your photo, this is getting really spooky. I can't believe you have straight hair, cut just above shoulder level and parted on the left, because so do I! Not sure I feel brave enough to post a photo though so you'll just have to take my word for it.

  4. Jenny, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I could rabbit on for ages about how much I do, but the above encapsulates it.

  5. So nice to *see* you Jenny! My eyes squinch up when I smile too. Apparently having long tapered fingers means you are very artistic (I think that sounds right in relation to you!)

  6. You look just like I imagined, warm and friendly.


  7. I too wanted many children and a few cat. I have two children and no cats, but I'm blessed. I like your face and your eyes are good, smiley eyes.

  8. Thanks for posting the photo Jenny, all this time I thought you had curly hair!
    lovely post.

  9. It is nice to get to know you a little more!

    Another blog friend of mine has commented about the odd self-portairt phenomena the blog world has created :-)

  10. Jenny, it's lovely to put a face to your words. You look a bit like my sister. As always I love your photos. I really like looking at little places in ordinary houses. I never read magazines now and don't like seeing 'celebrity' homes but the homes of normal folk hold great fascination for me. Am I odd?

  11. Jenny, wonderful to see you at last and match your warm happy face to your delightful posts. Loving each and every entry you make, thank you so much for sharing your happy world. Jayne


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