Simply Saturday

7 Jul 2007

What do you do when it is yet another dank overcast morning but you don't have to rush of to a busy day at school? You snuggle up under a flannel quilt and a crocheted rug with a little Badger kitten until you are good and ready to move on to the next thing that takes your fancy...

which is organising a basket of cheeky giggly dolls into a classroom of children and play teachers for a while before you get dressed and run off up the street to play with Ruby who you haven't seen since before you went away on the big trip to NSW. Presents to give and stories to tell.

The boys had a day of soccer and football, wins all round which was nice. Home disgustingly muddy, Andy hopped into the bath, the water instantly turned to mud. His footie kit is still soaking there. Louis went off to search the op shops for some groovy 80s clothes for a costume party tonight.

We had home made pasties, delicious and hot straight from the oven for lunch, finished them off for tea with some cream of potato soup and last of all, an apricot crumble and whipped cream, the apricots picked from our tree in March stewed and then frozen, a super easy pudding.

I know this is a poor picture but if you look carefully you can see some
little birds, European Gold Finches, eating the seeds out of an Italian lavender. I was doing the washing up this morning , looked out the window and there they were. So pretty. I ran to get Kate to come see then grabbed the camera but could only get a shot through the window. The slightest noise, Poppy trying to get out the door to see what we were looking at, sent them flying off and they didn't return. Sweet, sweet little things.

7 Responses to “Simply Saturday”

  1. Yum, I think the BEST apricots are grown in Tassie! Good luck getting the washing dry, it's pretty much the same here in Melbourne, with more showers forecast all week. Lovely to get the rain though.

  2. Wishing you sunshine--inside and out, today. Lovely family. Lovely home. The sun is shining again, here, after rain on and off throughout the day and a great storm in the afternoon, yesterday--so off to hang out laundry and out to the gardnen, it is :o) Thanks for hoping for me. Loved the sweet birds. All your photos and your words, were beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those European Goldfinches are just gorgeous. I am in the Northeast US and I have a ton of American Goldfinches all summer. I enjoy them so much. I've never seen a European Goldfinch before. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your daughter (and the cat) looked very comfy under the blanket - and who can blame her! Beautiful photo of the gold finches, we have them here and to us they look so colourful and 'foreign' - they adore peanuts too, we have found!

  5. Hi Jenny. I've nominated you for a Bloggers for Positve Global Change Award. You can read about it here:

    : )

  6. We, too, are doing the clothes horse shuffle! I love the gingham from your last post - once upon a time I saw a picture of a 'gingham' floor laid with lino tiles (beige/grey/dark) it looked fantastic and I'd always dreamed of a similar kitchen floor ... maybe at the cottage.

  7. Oh I love your little basket of giggly dolls - did you make them??? Is there a pattern around if you did - they look just so cute all there ready for school!


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