Positive Change.

13 Jul 2007

I couldn't get to the computer last night, too many others needed to use it and I was lying wanly on the couch feeling as though something was trying to get me and it did. I woke this morning with a cold. I rarely get sick so I think this may be a good excuse to sit by the fire, read and nod off. I don't have any magic cures for the treatment of a cold except be kind to yourself and let time take care of the rest.

You may have noticed the addition to my sidebar: an award for bloggers for positive global change. It is actually a meme that is going around and the lovely Rhonda nominated my blog. Very flattering indeed. I watched an English programme last night about the Great Global Warming Swindle. It was followed by rather a silly and unsatisfying discussion at the ABC. While I lay there like a lump watching and attempting to read my book "The Good Life", I realised they could argue till the cows come home about climate change, the thing I really wanted to change was each and everyone of us being assessed on our economic value to our country rather than our inherent value as a member of society. Social justice and simple living is the message of my book and it seems a good message.

The positive global change that I would like to see is people being valued for just being people, for governments to truly strive to end poverty which leads to so much other hardship, so that no matter where you have been born you have every chance of growing to adulthood and leading a productive and satisfying life.

Now the meme means I am supposed to name some bloggers who I feel are making a positive contribution. I have to get on with my early morning jobs now, so much for sitting by the fire,but I'll try to get back later and finish this off.

5 Responses to “Positive Change.”

  1. Dearest Jenny, I'm so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. It does sound wonderfully lovely to be curled up beside the fire with Helen and Scott, though. :o) I do hope that you're able to spend a fair amount of time doing so--getting well. Today was a day of sunshine, watermelons and cherries, an incredibly beautiful, newly arrived (today) Tasha Tudor dvd, from Japan (if you were closer I would drive it on over for you to borrow and snug in with, while resting up), and a bit of this and a bit of that--all things summertime. I'll be thinking of you, sweet friend. Rest well.
    Warmly, your pal, Jewels

  2. Congratulations on the award, Jenny. I totally agree with you on valuing the humanity of others. I feel like screaming everytime I see children treated as 'consumers' of an educational 'product' -- of course they are constantly seen as consumers in the wider sense -- more's the pity. That whole economic view that implies that none of us can be more than a consumer, and where our greatest satisfaction must be as an employee, raises my hackles too. We are not just economic drones.

  3. Jenny, I'm sorry to hear you're not well, but let's see it as a "positive change" and for time by the fire with your book. BTW, I loved the punctuation in your title, making it certain and sure.

    I haven't read The Good Life but I have "Simple Living" by Frank Levering and Wanda Urbanska that is well worth a read. You might like to add it to your reading list.

    Take it easy, love. Drink lots of tea and try to rest.

  4. I'm sorry that you've got a cold. Rest up and take care my friend!

    Now, onto the Great Global Warming Swindle...when I meet people who believe environmentalism is all a load of rot, that we simple livers are trying to curb the freedoms of the market and the individual and the global warming is a swindle I say this:

    "I hope and pray that I'm wrong. I really want to be wrong, I don't care if I've made a fool of myself, I would love it if you were right and I've been guilty of nagging and penny pinching and frugality. But, the thing is, what if it's *you* that are wrong. The consequences of an anti-environmentalist being wrong are far greater, think about what would happen if you were wrong!"

    With a thing like global warming even the most conservative of us must err on the side of caution, and must take heed, this is not a political thing, it's a world-wide emergency.

  5. Oh Jenny, your sensible words always inspire me. Snuggle up, stay warm and get better soon. As a mum I've always tried to go against the grain with society's expectations and never regretted my decision. I home-schooled my son and quit my government job when he was born. I've taken plenty of criticism for it by my extended family members mainly because we can't afford the lifestyle they all lead and tend to decline many invitations that to us just seem gatherings to compare accomplishments and materialistic gains. Our lifestyle is moderate and happy and we wouldn't change a thing. I'll look for the books you recommend. Loving all your heartfelt posts, thank you for sharing. Jayne


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