Pinnies, Pudding and a Poem

8 Jul 2007

Sunday around here is normally a restful day but life has a way of not going according to plan. Beautiful drying weather today so I had to get my washing dry and I did. A full line flapping in the cold wind , bright sunshine and me dashing in and out adding more washing. Over night guest at breakfast, more friends in the afternoon and in between I managed to make some cosy warm corduroy trousers for Kate. Light weight cord so she can wear them under a dress if she wants or alone with a woolly jumper.

Plus an apron for me based on the apron at Jewel's place and enough fabric left over to make one for Kate. I don't look quite so elegant as Rosie but it's not easy to take a picture of yourself.

I have a recipe to share with you , a family birthday favourite. This year it was made in honour of Andy. It is very simple.

Here goes: First you have to make some chocolate mousse. I use a recipe from a book by Wivine de Stoop, a Melbourne woman originally from Belgium who wrote a charming book in 1981 called "The Pleasure of the Table". It was my bible for cooking special meals back then.

You'll need:
4 eggs,
125g dark chocolate,
150 ml whipping cream,
pinch salt

Separate eggs.
Add pinch of salt to whites
Whip until stiff and put in fridge

Melt chocolate in double boiler and allow to cool.
Beat the cream.
Beat the egg yolks until pale and fold in cooled chocolate.
Add the cream and whisk until completely smooth.
Carefully fold in the egg whites.
Refrigerate until ready to use.

You will also need some day old chocolate cake, it can be a sponge or a plain cake, what ever you are good at. If you are desperate you can even use a supermarket sponge.

OK , now you're ready to assemble this yummy little cake. Grease a 9" diameter bowl or whatever you want to use with some inoffensive oil, I use peanut oil. Line the bowl , sides and base, with slices of the cake about 3/4" thick. Keep some cake to cover the top.

Now fill this chocolate cake shell with the chocolate mousse. Now use the rest of the cake to make a lid then place a plate over the cake and I usually put a pound of butter on top as a weight. Pop it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

When you are ready to turn it out, run a knife gently around the bowl to ease the cake away from the sides and even under the base as well. Put your pretty cake plate or stand over the bowl and invert it. Hopefully the cake will happily slide out. I decorate it with icing sugar dredged over and some chocolate curls. It looks wonderful and tastes even better.

One last present for Sunday evening:

To a child

Small service is true service while it lasts:

Of humblest Friends, bright Creature!

scorn not one:

The Daisy, by the shadow that it casts,

Protects the lingering dew-drops from the sun.

William Wordsworth

6 Responses to “Pinnies, Pudding and a Poem”

  1. Good morning Sweet Friend :o)
    Your apron is beautiful. I really like the fabric, too. It is so nice to see the photos of you--it lets me know that you'll soon be poking your head out, right?! Love the photo of your apron, skirt and boots. Kate must have been delighted that you were so busy on her behalf. Don't you love seeing the children wearing or playing with--and loving, something you've made for them. Also, we will for certain make the chocolate delight--thanks so much for sharing. We are all, but two, I believe, great big chocolate fans, here at the homestead.I have been so fond of William Wordsworth's poetry since I was in my mid teens--lovely poem--thanks for sharing. We're off to spend the day with several families, all dear friends. It's warm out and the sun is shining, so I'm sending some of both your way, okay. Thanks for the visit. I hope today's a lovely one for you all.
    xo Jewels
    P.S. Rosie was so excited about seeing your apron (and Rhonda Jean's, too--maybe we'll have to have an apron swap between us all, down the road one day. Wouldn't that be fun :o). She said to tell you that it's beautiful and your photos are great. She sends a warm and friendly hello, too.

  2. this looks great and so delicious......

  3. Love the look and sound of the chocolate pudding - am always a sucker for chocolate!

  4. The chocolate cake looks great I'll have to make that one soon. I made your pasties for dinner last night, they went in a flash with positive comments all round.

    cheers Lenny

  5. Oooh that chocolate cake looks (and sounds) yummy! I'll definitely have a go :)

  6. Crikey, that chocolate cake looks sooo good and the poem was beautiful and true..."truth is beauty and beauty is truth"...nice apron as well!


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