My Little World

11 Jul 2007

Everything has been very peaceful here yesterday and today.

I have been doll making and once the tiresome little bit of sewing machine work is done the rest is all hand sewing. I love holding the dear little heads in my hands and watching them come to life. My hands feel really sure as I make each stitch, sometimes I feel as though they don't need me at all.

I have all my needs gathered around me: my glorious new scissors found on special and pounced upon, their pretty, pretty handles make me happy every time I look at them; my trusty old pincushion, a gift from my mum all those years ago when I first left home; my trusty FIGSEN tin that holds not laxatives but my needles for sewing up knitted caps and jumpers; even my hair comb to pin my hair back if it gets annoying. I'm not sure why I have a bell on my table but it has a sweet tinkle.

My bag of beautiful, beautiful, soft , white, merino wool fleece waiting to stuff my dolls. The bag was some thrifted fabric, six pieces in all that must have been small tablecloths in a coffee shop and just perfect to be made into medium size draw string bags to hold not only my wool but also onions, garlic, craft works in progress, knitting when travelling in the car. Such pretty fabric.

My little chair becomes the dumping ground for bits and pieces, ideas hatching, pieces cast aside. A good friend really, as it holds everything for me until I'm ready to use them.

And while I live for a while in the little world around my work table, a vanilla scented candle burns in the boys room in an attempt to rid the room of the last traces of the very distinct odour of the misadventures of a cat caught short and in need of the great outdoors,

and spring begins to stir in the front garden.

10 Responses to “My Little World”

  1. Jenny - you are always an oasis of calm for me in the middle of the day. Thankyou.

  2. oh I love your dolls as you know.
    Some words I never heard before, so I used the translation. Its very funny.
    I am back again. Give Helen a little help to come here.
    Best wishes,

  3. Your dolls are always so lovely...I love them..

  4. Hello Dear Jenny :o)
    I enjoyed this beautiful post so much. Every single visit with you is like a real visit. The dolls are just adorable--I just love them. I love all of the beautiful dolls you make. Will you post more phots when they're finished--that would be so nice. I'd really look forward to seeing them. Your new scissors are wonderful--real beauties. Great find! And your bags are so lovely, too. Again, I am dragging myself away. Wait. Do you have any of that pudding left in the refrigerator??? :o) Oh, you do?? And tea, too??? :o) Well, oh, all right......okay, you talked me into it. I guess I could stay just a *little* longer :o) Thanks for having us all, sweet Jenny of the smiling eyes, in Cosy-ville.
    Warmly, Jewels

  5. Jenny, What a wonderful poem you posted. It makes me think of the magic that everyday life truly holds. And I love it that you have knitting projects in almost every room. Yours Truly, Nita

  6. Jenny, your photos and descriptions are just beautiful, but I especially love the first - books and candles, two of my favourite things. Kathy

  7. I love your dolls! Do you use a pattern or design your own? My favorite dolly when I was growing up was a rag doll my grandmama made me.

  8. I loved this post - I get a very clear idea of how you create your lovely dolls - thanks for this today!


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