My Girl

31 Jul 2007

Tomorrow,1st August, is Kate's birthday.

The gifts are wrapped.

She will awake to her family holding a lighted candle and singing Happy Birthday.

Croissants, strawberry jam and apple juice for breakfast, the birthday girl's favourites.

Afternoon tea with all the family organised but the baking will happen tomorrow.

Birthday party with friends on Saturday.

She is so excited, she has finally reached double figures no less.

18 Responses to “My Girl”

  1. Happy Birthday to Kate. Thats a really nice photo, she has a lovely smile.

  2. Happy Birthday to Kate!!
    She is such a lovely and beautiful girl.

  3. Oh... the double digit birthday!!

    My oldest will have his "golden" birthday this year... 14 on the 14th! Then we do the 11th birthday on the 19th. And 17 years of marriage on the 25th.. so much to look forward to in August.

    Have wonderful celebrations!

  4. Happy birthday Kate! I love the idea of waking to the family singing happy birthday to her. Very special.

  5. Happy birthday Kate. It sounds like the perfect birthday.

    Does Kate know she shares her birthday with all horses in the Southern Hemisphere? I bet she loves ponies and horses. : )

  6. Happy birthday Kate! Enjoy your day!

  7. Oh, double figures! A big birthday. Happy birthday Kate! I bet you look like your mummy!

  8. Happy Birthday to Kate - sounds like she will have a lovely day and a birthday celebration stretching all the way to the weekend!

  9. Kate is so cute! She reminds me of Anne of Green Gables.
    Happy Birthday to you too Mom!


  10. Happy Birthday Kate.

    Sounds like a wonderful day ahead.


  11. What a lovely girl...Happy Birthday wishes are sent...she shares the same birthdate as my older sister.

  12. Happy birthday to Kate. My daughter is 10 too, although she will turn 11 in December. Reaching double figures is such a big achievement.

  13. Happy Birthday, Kate. A wonderful milestone - double figures. You are certainly developing into a lovely young lady. Your birthday sounds like it will be a very happy day.

  14. Happy birthday! Mmmm, croissants!
    It's my husbands birthday tomorrow, it's always nice to celebrate with the whole family.

  15. Happy, Happy Birthday Kate :)
    Jenny you must be just a little sad that your baby is growing up :(
    My baby is 20 on Friday, the time has gone so fast!

  16. Happy birthday, dear sweet, Kate. You are so beautiful, just like your precious mama. This is *the* absolute *cutest* photo of you--a keeper for all time! It sounds like your birthday was especially wonderful, and *whewww! what a menu* :o) A big gentle birthday hug to you,((Kate))
    Warmly, Jewels


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