Mrs Clutterbug.

26 Jul 2007

It's been a day of organising and tidying. The morning was taken up with a visit to the bank and some rejigging of the budget. The afternoon I spent reorganising and tidying my work area.

This little doll normally lives with Humpty Dumpty in the little tin bath in the hallway. I brought her in near the computer the other day because I saw a similar doll on Jewel's blog. I thought the dress fabric was the same but it isn't. It would have been too much of a freaky coincidence if they had been the same. ( You have to scroll down through all the olive eating to find the doll at Jewel's)

So much clutter collects around my table as I move between projects. Other people add things that need a little mending and anything that looks like it might be mine gets put there. A good sort through every now and then uncovers all sorts of things and helps other things find their way home.

I did this embroidery about three years ago or more and it was going to be a part of a bag but I went off that idea. Now I think it would make a nice panel in a cushion cover or even a little knee quilt.

I do find I get more work done when I have a tidy and relatively organised space, as well as a tidy house. But when I'm in the midst of a project I sometimes become oblivious to the clutter building around me. At least I manage to keep it contained to my little area.

I was thinking about the current fascination with decluttering, ridding our houses and our lives of the things we think we no longer need or want. I think people feel they will have more control over their lives if they have less but it seems many people are serial declutterers. Empty spaces mean they can go and buy more stuff.

As a crafts person I have collected lots of bits and pieces that I feel I will some day need for a project. This does take up quite a bit of space but because our home is small the size of my stash is self limiting. Also because I do actually use some of what I have I am able to occasionally add more.

I guess this all becomes a problem when you don't actually use what you have and when you want to start something new you go out and buy new supplies without looking through all that lovingly acquired stuff. I knew a lady, a quilter, who if she saw a fabric she liked she had to buy the whole bolt of cloth. She had a garage full of fabric and when she wanted to make a new quilt she went off and bought more.

The thing is , when you are going to make things , be it a meal for your family, a batch of soap, a cardigan or a quilt you have to have the raw materials and you need to have a decently stocked store cupboard or the alternative is to be constantly running off to the shops. To live a more self reliant life you have to creatively use what you have and you do need the basic materials and tools to be able to live the life you imagine.

I guess the message is to not feel guilty about having a certain amount of stuff around if it is the stuff you use and need to live your life. But remember that enough is enough, too much just weighs you down and pulls you backwards.

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  1. I can so relate to this post as we have been de-cluttering for a while now. And what we are de-cluttering is really stuff that has not been used in many years, just stuff that was put away till a later date to maybe do something with in the future... well, the future had come and what to do with this stuff is pitch it or give it away! I can accuse myself of filling up the new empty spaces but I shall say also that I am much better at not doing that as much any more as I get older. Things seem to call out for a more simpler way as you age. ;)
    My only faults, as it were, are sweet little dresses and books... sigh...
    Your sewing projects are so wonderful to look at! Perhaps sewing is down the road for me on my list of things to do! I was just happy when I was able to patch the pillow back together again so the stuffing wouldn't come out!

  2. Oh Jenny :o) Great big smile. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, when your blog first loaded! Rosie and I were at the computer, together and I let out a little gasp and said---huhhhh, doesn't that little doll look just like the one I made for Wesley (about 20 years ago! :o) and then.....I think it might even be the very same dress fabric, too!! So, we both had our noses to the screen in amazement!! Then, as we quickly made our way down the page, we were smiling and shaking our heads--how wonderful! We were meant to be pals, dear friend! I'm going to dig around and see what else I might have (lots I'm sure :o) that might turn up something kindred there at your house! I marvel at how much we see life--the little things and bigger things through such similar eyes. If and when you *ever* come to the states, you're stayin' with me--no arguments. I said it first, I don't care who else says it after! You are stuck with me--others may come visit you, of course, *but* you have to *park* at my house ;o)
    Another lovely post, so true and so well said.
    Apron done today, package on it's way, at long last--tomorrow, with lots of love.

  3. You really have a true gift with dollmaking Jenny. Before you sent Constance i was at one brief point picturing she might be too big for my small space (potential clutter), but then when she arrived she was just so dainty and precious. So is this doll pictured here.

    Funny how things of very deep beauty can't seem to become clutter in the end, they feel too "real" and special. But now for the rest of it, well let me at it... Youre right it can get obsessive, a longing for order and control. I find i go though cycles really.... things fall apart, then get organized, then fall apart, then get organized, then fall apart. The "seasons" of decluttering lol



  4. Hi Jen,
    I love this post. I am decided this week to stop dejunking and enjoy my stuff. So I am with you.

  5. You know I was thinking about clutter the other day. I was trying to think why everybody de-clutters. To be honest I don't think anybody should, unless they really like a minimal space *or* their clutter is becoming a real problem. Some people like their books and their nic-nacs, and yes, their crafts stuff. I love having craft stuff to hand!

    I'd love to have my own fabric/yran store in my garage!!!

  6. Hi Regina,Well done for being able to let go and not reclutter. Are the sweet little dresses for you or a collection of children's dresses.

    Hi Jewels, I'm really looking forward to my parcel arriving. Thanks so much. That doll's dress was almost an amazing coincidence wasn't it. And I will gladly take you up on your offer of a place to stay if we ever visit the US.It would be wonderful.

    Hi Wendy and thank you. I knew Constance would suit you just fine.Yes the seasons of decluttering, it seems similar to an eating disorder for some,stuff it all in then throw it all out.

    Hi Elizabeth, join the club.

    Hi Natalie, yes its a mania isn't it. If my mum had been a ritual declutterer I wouldn't have half the lovely memories that I have.Once again all things in moderation seems to be the way to go.

  7. I recently went through my craft supplies. I plant to give what I decided to discard to my nieces who have started sewing. Mostly it was leftovers from projects I did many years ago.
    I try to limit what I buy to the project at hand. Except for fat quarters, those seem to follow me home.
    When you move often, you decide that you can do without all the clutter. Makes it harder to pack.


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