25 Jul 2007

Yesterday the kittens and their mother had their operations so there will be no more kittens born in the house. The responsible thing to do but it was lovely having the kittens here for the summer and watching them grow. So sweet and so entertaining. The vet who looked after them is a good friend and as well as caring for them so brilliantly he didn't charge us anything for his services. To say thank you I made him some brownies and Stephen bought him some wine.

The wood was delivered this morning by an absolutely charming man who owns a farm at the base of Ben Lomond and chops up fallen trees to sell for firewood. He only supplies a few people and has been selling wood to my parents for some years. We talked about my parents especially my dad and he seemed to have a genuine respect and caring for dad. He was such a healthy looking man with the radiant wholesome complexion born of vigorous work in the outdoors. Our usual woodman looks as though he is a heavy smoker with bent over posture and an unhealthy pallor. Such an amazing contrast. The wood is very dry and smells of the snow, so clean.

I managed to stack about a quarter of it, I had no help as Stephen was at work, the boys were at school and Kate is languishing with her cold. The rest will have to wait I just hope the weather will wait as rain is forecast. The sky while I was working was so clear and at 3pm the moon was up and glowing brightly.

Badger and Shackleton have spent a lot of time sleeping , this morning they took over Kate's bed.

Yesterday it was the children's day to be lazy. They had an indoor day even though the weather was fine. All the children have colds although Kate is suffering the most.

The window seat and its sunshine were a good place to spend some time in their pyjamas

and have a brother sister chat while Louis studied in the kitchen.

And while Louis took a break from his study, Kate rested on the kitchen couch and the boys serenaded her - until it all got too loud especially when the dog joined in. I know the picture is a bit blurry but it is the essence of our family kitchen. A good place to hang out, not just a place for cooking and eating.

And guess what Stephen forgot to take the brownies with him when he went to visit Pete tonight. We will have to eat them I suppose, such hardship. I'll make him some more tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot, Kirsty of Gobbler's Run emailed me to show me this picture of her beautiful niece receiving her birthday present, one of my dolls. Isn't she such a dear little thing, I love seeing where my dolls end up and who they belong to so thanks Kirsty.

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  1. Hopefully a quiet (in activity, not in brass instruments) day inside will do them a world of good and they will all be feeling better tomorrow. Perhaps by then the cats will not be mad at the people who took them to the vet anymore either. Our cat holds a grudge for a wile.

  2. I just loved this post, Jenny; both your warm writing and the beautiful photos. It's wonderful to see the photos of your most precious ones--you are so blessed. The photo you got of Kate on the window seat is magical--so pretty. I hope that she's feeling lots better, soon. The kitchen looks so especially cosy. I was only sorry that I couldn't reach through to grab one of those delicious looking brownies. We are getting an oven, at long last--so brownies have been entered at the top of my list! I still have to make up your chocolate pudding cake, too--Hmmm, I think that might have to come first! Well, do you think it would be *overkill* to make and eat both at once?? Yeah, well, regardless, I'm thinkin' that might just have to be the plan! :o)Thanks for the wonderful,friendly visit. Once again, I am dragging myself away........ :o)
    Lovingly, Jewels

  3. Hi Marie, yes everyone seems much perkier tonight including the kittens.

    Hi Jewels, glad you could drop by.Everyone is feeling a whole lot better, still snuffly but much better.I must say those brownies do taste as good as they look. I don't think you can ever have too much chocolate, one for dessert and then the brownies to have with coffee while some else does the washing up is always a good plan.

  4. Those brownies look delicious! Hope the colds don't last too long and everyone is feeling better soon.

    Such a nice friend you have to perform the operations for free. We have a big problem with stray cats in the area and one just had kittens a few months ago. I live in the city so it's really not safe to let them run wild. But taking them somewhere to get spayed can run 65.00 or more per cat, a costly endeavor.

  5. A day in does everyone such a lot of good. It's nice to see one of your dolls with another little one!

  6. Jenny, I love your kitchen, and it's yellow! I'm seeing yellow everywhere now that we've painted with it. It's nice seeing brothers and sisters who enjoy each others company.

    Kirsty's neice is adorable. I can see any little girl making your dolls their favourite. They look so cuddly.

  7. I like to be in your kitchen for a cup of tea or two.

  8. The picture of your daughter is precious and I also hope that she feels better soon!
    It looks like a lovely day was had by all- such a sweet little home you have...

  9. A lovely photo of your kitchen and your family. From the number of books on the table it looks as if Loius is studying hard, he deserves to do well. Hope everybody is soon feeling better.

  10. Hi Jenny,

    I just got my doll today.... and i love Constance to bits, she's so precious! The reason i'd chosen her was there was such a sweetness and kindness in her face, and that feeling comes across even more now that she's actually here. She fits right in other stuffed animals are little white selkies (seals) and Constance's feet naturally unfold to look like a mermaid tail. I think they'll all be right at home together. Thank you SO much : )



  11. Beautiful photos Jenny especially the one of the kitchen. It's very much a family room.

  12. Hi Donna, we are so grateful that Pete didn't charge for the cats as it would have been terribly expensive.

    Hi Natalie, yes the days rest seems to have helped a lot.

    Hi Rhonda, yes people with incredibly good taste have yellow kitchens, so welcome to the club. Kirsty's niece is gorgeous.

    Hi Angelika, you are always welcome for a cup of tea.

    Hi Regina, Kate is feeling a lot better this morning and has happily gone off to school.

    Hi Willow, thanks. Yes Louis works very hard on his studies without any need for us to nag at him. I just worry that he does too much sometimes. Still he does enjoy having a break. He has his physics exam this morning.

    Hi Wendy, I'm so pleased she arrived safely and she fits in with your home. I agree her feet are rather like a mermaids tale. I was a bit sorry saying good bye to her.

    Hi Polly, thank you. I love my kitchen and wouldn't change a thing.

  13. Oh Jenny,

    Such beautiful pictures and such a lovely read. Your family and home look peaceful and happy. Thanks for sharing.

    cheers Lenny

  14. Lovely post:
    1. Terrific vet.
    2. Very nice load of wood - the wood merchant sounds lovely.
    3. Your children are beautiful.
    4. I want to hang out in your kitchen.
    5. I have blankets like the one on Kate's bed, I really like them.

  15. Oh Jenny, you take me back, I had that exact same blanket that Kate has on my bed growing up. Probably a good Tassie woollen one!
    Also, on Getaway tonight they were in the UK and they visited a pub called..... guess what? The Jenny Wren!!



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