"Garden" tour

2 Jul 2007

Gorgeous day so I spent most of it in the garden or should I say wilderness. I have had to carefully edit these pictures because honestly most of it just looks like long grass around the base of trees. Garden is perhaps wishful thinking.

It was garden once and there are small patches of cultivation but the past two hot dry summers kept me, the wimp, out of the garden . Never the less, some things are indestructible, like spring bulbs, in this case snowdrops...

and this alstroemeria patch which has never looked better.The original plant came from my mother's garden.

The loquat, bought years ago at a school fair and grown from a seed is in flower for the first time. I don't know when they are supposed to fruit but it supposedly takes three months to mature from the time the flowers are in full bloom.

Daffodil bulbs are up with some sorrel in their midst.

This is Poppy's kennel where she has never spent more than two minutes. She prefers the kitchen couch when she can sneak on to it. The kennel is very sturdy and dry and warm but the only animals that ever venture into it, apart from spiders, are kittens playing hide and seek.

Speaking of kittens, here is Badger pretending to be a bird. This Virgilia, covered in ivy, blew over in a windstorm when Andy was two. It only came half out of the ground and has just continued to grow, somewhat horizontally but it flowers very year.

Another carefully edited shot. If you go to the right of the picture you head into very high, thick grass that the kittens adore and where Kate and her friends enjoy pretending they are out in the bush. Yes it is an adventure playground. Normally you can't see our back fence because of the trees but winter exposes the fence line and usually exposes quite a few tennis balls as well.

This flowering gum was grown from a seed. When its in flower the birds adore it. The last of the sunshine is striking its top limbs.

I did spend some time indoors, making doll heads. My Etsy shop is looking rather bare at the moment so I'm taking some time this week to make some new dolls. Take a look at this crocheted blanket. It is wool apart from some of the stripes and was in the dog blanket bin for $2 at the City Mission. Imagine all the work that went into it. It was clean and in tact and beautifully worked. How disrespectful to the person who made it.

When not pretending to be a bird, Badger spent most of his day snuggled up with his sister in the fireside chair.

Hope you had a fruitful Monday.

5 Responses to “"Garden" tour”

  1. So funny to see the opposite seasons....it never fails to strike me. All winter I looked longingly at your summer bounty - and now the heat is here, I look longingly at your frost, LOL!

    Off to have a bountiful Monday here - errands and groceries and rehanging pictures on newly painted walls. Preparing for our Fourth of July holiday!

  2. What a lovely tour of your garden, thanks for all the wonderful pictures. The kitty's look so cute all snuggled together.

  3. great pictures. I too would spend all day curled up in that fireside chair, the cats would need to race me to get it first.

    That blanket is beautiful, fancy putting it in the dog box when so often we hear that charities are looking for warm blankets.

    cheers lenny

  4. Dearest Jenny, good morning--I am back up and at 'em :o) I came by yesterday, but didn't have the time to write one of my notes--er, uhm, letters....I'm working hard at note writing! I just loved the tour of your yard and garden. What a privilege it is to get to share in your lovely life, home and gardens. You always have me smiling away with your witty insights into life. I too would be clamouring fot the spot in that lovely chair beside the fire. How amazing that you not only checked and saw the post and apron poem before you left, but then also saw the very same poem on an apron at the fabric store--Also, I think I might start calling my aprons *pinnies*. I really like that! And, I know I'd be entirely pulled over to the other side (and probably abandon the word--aprons, all together, if I *heard* you saying it! :o) You are a dear, and a bright spot in my day.
    ((Jenny))Have a wonderful day.
    Wonderful blanket you found, and we are gearing up to make a few dolls, too. While you sleep I'll work away and while I sleep you can keep things moving right along, this way I figure we'll get *so* incredibly much accomplished!

  5. Love your photos of your seasons--takes away some of the "sting" of the heat of summer here.

    Your kitties are darling!


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