28 Jul 2007

We spent the better part of the day watching the boys playing football. Kate spent the day playing at Ruby's house where they "played cricket and soccer, caught some bugs, did some drawing and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

Andy plays Australian Rules football and Louis plays soccer. I watched the first half of Louis' game ,nil all, then walked across the Uni grounds to school to watch Andy.

This time last year Andy was still getting over his ruptured appendix and peritonitis. He had lost a lot of weight and as he had always been slim there was very little of him left. The whole experience had been very traumatic for all of us. Stephen and I were so grateful that he had started to regain his health.

Twelve months on and he is a fit healthy young man who has discovered the joy of using his body in sport. He has developed into a fine sprinter and a good little footballer. He is a good six inches taller and a sensible boy with a strong sense of justice and a great sense of humour. If you look closely he is number 23 in the picture above.

Both boys played well today, they did their best for their teams. Andy played in two games and lost both, Louis' game went from nil all to 1-1 draw. I cannot understand soccer and find it an incredibly difficult and frustrating game to watch. Why don't they just make the net bigger so they can score more goals.

For all the thuggery that goes on in Aussie rules I really enjoy watching it, if you have never been to see a game live you should go, it's much better than on the TV. My Dad was a footy player both in Victoria where he grew up and here in Tassie. When I first went to live in Melbourne I went to see a game every weekend, the girl I lived with was a big fan so I went along as well. I think I went to every ground in Melbourne except Victoria Park. I have never really understood the rules but I understand the rhythm of the game and I used to love being a part of the crowd. I loved the smell of the paddock and I quite liked the well toned bodies of the football players. Now I'm content with the occasional school boy match. and I'm very grateful to have three healthy, fit children.

One Response to “Footy”

  1. I'm with you on the soccer thing. I sent many a wet cold Ballarat saturday watching my little brother play. Most games would end with only one goal being scored...I don't get it!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend all told.


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