Cleaning and fussing

14 Jul 2007

I love weekends. Although I don't go out to work it still feels different waking up on a Saturday morning. There is a different rhythm to the house and while I treasure my time through the week I adore having everyone around the house on the weekend.

Saturday morning sport has finished for Andy. It was a very unsatisfying comp as there were only three teams and last week one of them dropped out so rather than keep on playing the same people over and over it all came to an end. Andy really enjoyed a well earned sleep in this morning.

Louis is still in the depths of his soccer roster so when he and Stephen return at lunchtime they look forward to plenty of heart warming food, closely followed by afternoon tea. Nothing like running around in your footie shorts on a winter's morning for building a healthy appetite.

Us girls have spent the morning cleaning and fussing around the house. For some reason Kate has been wearing a beanie while cleaning her room. The house is not that cold although I have had the windows open to give it a good airing. The kitchen fire is burning beautifully. As long as there is one cosy spot the cats are happy and so am I.

I have just read Jewel's latest post and found that I am one of the winners of this months lucky draw. Isn't that exciting? I never win things although I did win a peg apron at Deb's blog last year and now I've won one of Jewel's/Rosie's aprons and some homecare supplies. So, I'm all set. Thanks so much, you have made me feel really special.

Now time to organise some lunch for the troops.

7 Responses to “Cleaning and fussing”

  1. Jenny! how lucky you are to win Jewel's draw. I'm really envious. I don't care much for competitions but to receive something as lovely as that prize, just melted by heart. Enjoy your gift!

    What a cutie your daughter is in her beanie.

    I hope you are feel better today.

  2. Just delightful as usual Jenny.
    Your daughter looks gorgeous too, she must be about the same age as my eldest daughter...9?


  3. Congratulations on winning the drawing!

    I know what you mean about the house having a different rhythm when everyone is home for the day. For us, that day is Monday (my husband works Saturdays). It just feels right to have everyone at home!

  4. Congratulations on winning the drawing, you lucky girl. Clarice

  5. Rhonda, I sure am lucky to win the draw and to have such a cute daughter.

    Lenny, yes Kate is 9 but she will be 10 in 17 days I think she told me this morning.

    Cheryl, thanks and yes it does always feel right when everyone is at home.

    Shawn, thanks, yay for me.

    Clarice, thank you, I'm really thrilled about it. Jewels blog is so lovely isn't it.

  6. I found your blog through rhonda jean and I have to admit I am getting hooked. It is lovely to read about your life and beautiful family.
    My babies have all grown up but I have wonderful memories to treasure and many more to make with my new little grandson.
    I'm sure I'll be back on a regular basis and look forward to more of your wonderful musings.
    Cheers, Michelle.


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