15 Jul 2007

Can a tree be a part of a family, it certainly can be a part of a childhood

My kitchen window looks out on the Blackwood tree. When we bought our home , twenty years ago now, I was determined that we would cut down the Blackwood because I felt it overpowered the back garden. But babies and life got in the way and the tree was spared.

Over the years it has been a best friend to our children and some of the neighbourhood children as well.

So many different swings have been hung from its limbs. So many picnics have been enjoyed in its shade. Even the Christmas pinata, the year of the biggest family Christmas, hung safely from its branches.

A series of oh so comfortable hammocks have given rest to parents and fun to children. Numerous family portraits use it has a regal background.

The wonderful tree house, really just a platform but the scene of oh so many games; pirates, dolls, hide the pegs. A test of strength and maturity; do you have to use the ladder to get up, are you brave enough to jump off, how high can you climb. Baby chicks and kittens given a bird's eye view of the garden.

So many knees and seats of trousers worn through by its rough bark that is so friendly to my children and foreign to their guests.

A new little friend visited this week and said our back garden feels friendly and safe, the trees feel friendly, the Blackwood tree feels friendly.

That is another little girl who has fallen under the spell of the tyre swing hung from the Blackwood's branches.

The children can't believe that we would ever have considered cutting it down.

There is never a time when there are no birds in the tree. Big and small they come to find insects in its nubbly bark or to make sortie to the vegie garden and then zip back to safety.

The cats try themselves out to see if they can reach the birds but they never can.

It protects part of the garden from frost and until a few years ago was a good friend to the lemon tree that thrived in its protection.

It dominates the garden still but I truly can't imagine the garden without it. Kate, Andy and Louis can't imagine their lives without the Blackwood.

10 Responses to “Blackwood.”

  1. I love your tree-story. In my garden there is a walnut tree. My grandfather has it planted. We love this tree. So many times we are sitting there or stay in the hammock.
    I like walnuts. I use it for cocking and backing.

  2. Oh, I love your tree story too. We don`t have such a big tree because our garden is too small.

  3. That tree is certainly part of your family. We have an old tree here too, planted probably 80 years ago by people who lived here then. It's a friendly tree too.

    I love how you've included the tree in many family pictures. Just imagine how many creatures that tree has been home to over those years.

  4. How lovely...we had a big old lemon tree in our backyard whilst growing up...and some of my best childhood memories include it.

  5. A tree can definitely be part of the family - or the family experiences at least. When my parents moved to our house, my dad planted a sort of pine tree out the front. The tree gave us shelter, I played under it, like yours it too featured in many family photos. Around the same time as my dad died, so did the tree. Thanks for sharing your tree story.

  6. what a majestic tree, it makes me think of a guardian keeping watch over your home and family


  7. That is such a wonderful tree! I am so happy you didn't cut it down. The pictures you took of it are awesome. Nita

  8. Bettina, it's lovely that you live where your grandfather's tree is planted.

    Angelika,thank you. I realise that we are very privileged to have a garden big enough for a big tree.

    Rhonda, our tree is probably about 75 years old. I'm sure it is a favourite with many creatures especially the birds,big and small.

    Kali, that's lovely that you have a tree memory too.

    Jane,I'm glad you have happy memories of your Dad's tree. That's very special.

    Lenny, it definitely is a guardian and friend. Every morning when I raise the blind she is there checking on me.

    Nita, I'm also glad we didn't cut it down.

    Jenny, yes the blackwood can be majestic when they grow in an uncrowded spot. They can be a bit straggly when just in the bush.

  9. hey i love the big blackwood tree. my boys would love to have a tree like yours to climb up into. love your blogg. stopp by and visit mine when you can. take care and god bless.


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