5 Jul 2007

Well the morning's work is done and the morning tea has been had and now I need to get on and finish some of the things that have been patiently waiting for me.

I'm feeling a little adrift this morning, I should be happy because Stephen and Kate are home again but this mood has settled on me and not even washing the kitchen floor has shifted it. I guess I'm a little tired, I don't sleep well when Stephen is away.Thankfully, Mardi is doing well and has begun intensive rehabilitation. Stephen and Kate have told us all about their adventures in the big city. Mostly time was taken up with getting to and from the hospital but they did go to the zoo and Kate had a riding lesson with her cousin. Transport was a big issue for them as they stayed with family way out in the outer suburbs and the hospital was in the city centre. Family helped when they could but they lead typically busy city lives and "scheduling" was sometimes difficult. Oh the joys of a deliberately simpler life and the wise choice to live in a more family friendly size town.

I know many who think there is no life outside of Sydney but many others know the secret - there is and it is a good life.

I am so grateful for my family and my home, for my kind husband and my sweet and funny children. Many years ago we deliberately moved to Tasmania so that we could buy a decent house without having to mortgage our lives away, so that we could live in a place with a small population so that it was possible to enjoy the wonderful countryside and not feel that the rest of the city had come with you. We wanted to live in a place that was on a more human scale and besides Tasmanians always come home, it's in our blood. I needed to be near my family , my mum and dad especially, as we grew our own family. I wanted my children to know the places I had known as a child and feel that close connection to place. We have never regretted our choice.

Well enough of this navel gazing, my chair is waiting for me, there are dolls to be finished, caps to be knitted and dinner to be planned. It is a dank old day here, more rain on the way I think, its a cheerless day really so I think I'll put on some music, get to work and enjoy not having to schedule anything.

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  1. Enjoy your day... I hate when I get into those kinds of moods. But over the years I have learned to combat them into submission, or give in and let them be.

    It was a gorgeous day here - but now it is time for bed. I will be dreaming while you are doll finishing!

    We live where we do for the same reasons - small town life, slower pace, and wonderful childhood memories - all wonderful things in my book.

  2. Jenny, beautiful pictures! Your home looks like a lovely, cozy, peaceful place.
    I know what you mean about wanting to be near family; we live around the corner from where I grew up, where my parents still live ~ and I'm very thankful to enjoy that comforting sense of belonging.

  3. Lovely pictures of your home Jenny, it looks very relaxing and peaceful and real. This mood too shall pass, just go with the flow.

    cheers Lenny

  4. Hi Jenny

    Dropped by to say i've tagged you for an 8 things meme, for when/ if you've got the inclination.

    I'm glad your mother in law is a little better. Having family ill so far away is hard.

  5. Yes, Ill definately be back in Tassie one day. Soon I hope :)
    Best wishes

  6. Good morning ((sweet friend))
    I am sending you a big gentle hug, from across the miles. It is dark and raining here, today, and I'll think of you when I light candles and put in some music to brighten our way. I hope you get rested and refreshed, and joy fills your tender heart. I love, love, love the photos. I grew up just around a neighborhood corner from my beloved grandmother, and have been ever and always thankful that it was so--truly a gift, with memories to numerous to number; the sweetest kind of the simple and everyday. Your children are blessed to have parents that have made loving, deliberate choices to arrange a life of beauty, time and relationship with and for them. You are so precious, Jenny.
    Thinking of you and praying for you, and those dearest to your heart. xo Your pal, who feels a sweet sisterly kinship with you, Jewels. Thanks for the lovely visit, today. I am now dragging myself off of your couch and out of your kitchen, putting my teacup on your sink and, lest I never leave, know you will understand that, though I wish I could, I'd best not stay to help with dishes. Mmmmm, what's that in the oven?? :o) Warm, cosy, beautiful home.

  7. Your home looks so beautiful,lovley and cozy. . Thank you for this beautiful pictures.

  8. Jenny, you're home has real warmth to it. I love your little chair and the colours you've chosen in your kitchen. I hope you got your dolls made.

  9. Hi Willowcaroline, Thanks for the encouragement.

    Hi Deb,Thanks , our house is definitely cosy and mostly peaceful. It's great to live near family.

    Hi Lenny, Thanks. When you say real do you mean messy?

    Hi Kris, I'll check it out when I have time.

    Hi Tan, that's good news.

    Hi Jewels, You are most welcome to come and visit any time. I must say it has been a blessing to every member of our family that we live so close to my mum and dad. They are very special people.

    Hi Bettina, thank you.

    Hi Rhonda, thank you, some of the dolls were finished and they turned out well.

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  11. Jenny I didn't mean messy at all, I meant it doesn't look like a display home, it looks like somewhere that a family lives. You know, the stuff hasn't been organised just for the photo shoot. Although maybe you did organise it for the pic, if so have you thought about interior decorating you could do my place first.LOL


  12. Oh wow - We would love to move to Tasmania - what a sea change for you. We both love Tasmania and is one the list of places that we would like to live when DH gets out of e army (humm - wonder if he can score a posting there!)

  13. Dear Jenny~

    I have spent the day holding my sick, sleepy baby and looking at your wonderful archives. This post really spoke to me. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents when I was many happy memories made with them!

    I truly believe that when we really think about what matters most to us it's family. Memories made, special times spent together as we laugh, cry and grow closer.

    Thank you for letting me come into your home, dear Jenny. I have had the most delightful visit.

    ~Karen in Ohio


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