The winner is....

10 Jun 2007

These two little orphans are smiling their best smiles hoping that they will be chosen to go live with Wendy Waterbirde. Wendy is the winner of the World Doll Day draw and she can decide which dolly she would like to adopt.

This little girl needs to be somewhere warm because she only has a sun dress. She has a shy little smile and looks like she needs a cuddle. Her name is Constance.

Her friend is more stoic and perhaps the older of the two. She is prepared for cooler weather with her warm woolly cardigan and hobnail boots. Her name is Helen.

Wendy, just let me know by a comment or by email which doll you would like and then I will list the other one in my Etsy shop.

6 Responses to “The winner is....”

  1. Congratulations Wendy! Couldn't have gone to a nicer mummy.

  2. Congrats Wendy!! both dolls r charming.....i love the knitted cardigan!!!!....ur dolls r fab Jenny!!!

  3. Your dolls are sooo charming1 Love their little outfits...Happy Days! :o)

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  5. Hi Jenny,

    Oh WOW! I'm soooo happy!

    You see this has a story behind it... i actually prayed for the right doll to cross my path if meant to be. Because over the years i've shed a lot of things, most of it felt right, but one of my few regrets i had is a Colonial American style rag doll i had let go of years ago. I've really missed her and i was praying that if another doll is meant to take her place then she would. And i just LOVE Constance, she is perfect!

    Then when i re-read the previous post on her when you were making her and saw she is an American Primitive style doll my heart skipped a beat. Feels like a very special co-in-see-dance. I am truly going to treasure this doll Jenny. Thank you SO much : )!!!

    I'll be e mailing my address to you. I'm so excited for this. Thank you for being such a generous soul : )

    (and happy dance lol)


    (ps sorry for the deleted one, i had just sent it too soon in my excitement, it was full of typoes)

  6. And I love helen so much. Please put her in your shop soon!


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