The view from my wash house.

22 Jun 2007

Just a quick note to let you know it's really cold. Not Northern Hemisphere cold but Australian cold. It was -3.5C at 7am so who knows what it was when I got out of bed at 5.30am (don't ask).

So for all those in sweltering parts of the world feel the cold coming out of these pictures.

You'll be glad to know we also have bright sunshine and not a breath of wind.We also have no hot water as the pipes are frozen.

Frozen broccoli anyone?

Even the balloons got a dusting of frost, so pretty in the sunshine.

Right now my kitchen fire looks like a good place to park myself...

but sooner or later I have to hang the washing out to dry or to hang there for the day and then be brought in to dry by the fire ( the more likely scenario).

This bitter cold always makes me think of how terrible it must be to be a homeless person especially in the winter. The cold is so raw and comfortless. I don't know how many homeless live in Launceston but I hope they all found a warm bed last night.

12 Responses to “The view from my wash house.”

  1. Frost is beautiful. But Brrr! Not quite that cold here. Stoke up that fire and park yourself there (surrounded by washing if necessary).

  2. What beautiful pictures. The balloons look like they are coated in sugar. Good luck staying warm.

  3. Frost is so pretty through the lens of a camera!
    Frozen pipes is another matter!

  4. I was once told that a frost makes brassicas extra tasty! And I worry about the homeless on cold nights, there were very few homeless in the UK until the 1980s...homelessness came went materialism did...coincidence?

  5. Frosty photos to wake up to this morning, what delight your blog brings Jenny. Sounds like a good baking day, delicious smells in the kitchen and knitting by the fire of course. Jayne

  6. Oh dear!!! frozen pipes, not has been just too cold to do anything, hasnt it?? It is sad to think that there r people in Launceston (and elsewhere) without a warm home, good wholesome food and a bed for the night

  7. I would send you some of our warm weather if I could, but sitting by your kitchen fire sounds very cozy. The pictures are beautiful, though the temperatures are not. Stay warm.

  8. Your frosty pictures are so strikingly beautiful! And, funny enough, I could almost feel the chill right through the computer screen.

    I should take some hot summer pictures to warm you. :-)

  9. beautiful photos, jenny. Stay warm by your fire. I envy you. I grew up with wood fires but we now have the cold warmth of a reverse cycle air conditioner, ugh.

    I work with the homeless and can say with almost 100% surety that many of them would have been cold last night, both in Launceston and elsewhere.

  10. Dear Jenny, a warm and friendly hello :o) Your photos are just beautiful. Your writing is always so genuine, homey and lovely, and I love stopping by because it's like coming for a for real visit, through your blog. I do so enjoy coming to your house. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your life and your heart--it's beautiful.
    xo Jewels

  11. Lovely photographs of the frost on the windows. I hope there was no permanent damage to the water pipes.


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