Sunshine flower

29 Jun 2007

Each year my mother gives her daughters and daughter-in-law a potted polyanthus for Mother's Day. Mine is still blooming like a little sunshine flower beside the front steps. I have very little else in flower in my garden. It's too early for the camellias although they are in bud and the spring bulbs are pushing their way through but no flowers yet.

This is my last summer rose, If you to see how it looks in full bloom take a look at the one on Jewels' blog, it is magnificent.

I do have some winter roses, hellebores in flower. This little one is flowering for the first time after being moved from the back garden. The seasons always come earlier in my front garden. Out the back everything sleeps for much longer, the leaves turn and then fall later, the bulbs bloom later. In the front garden the big silver birches have been bare for weeks. Today while I ate my lunch in the weak winter sunshine I watched the little silver eyes in the biggest birch, they were eating the seeds and though they are very tiny birds each time they moved along the little twiggy branches waterfalls of birch seeds could be seen floating down from the tree. With the sunshine behind them they looked so pretty almost falling in slow motion.

The rhubarb has recovered from last week's hard frost and seems determined to not only stay awake through winter but send up new growth. At the base of the plant are new leaves ready to burst open and push their way up.

Today was a day of housework and knitting. A new load of wood was delivered. Bread was baked, pizza and butterscotch ice cream were made and eaten. A beautiful gift arrived from Germany but more of that tomorrow.

5 Responses to “Sunshine flower”

  1. What a pretty yellow flower. It really looks like sunshine.

  2. it sounds like a really satisfying day. I bet you have your fire going too. I really want to stop by for a cuppa. LOL

  3. Dear Jenny, coming by to visit you before heading off to bed, here :o) I loved seeing the photos of your garden, and I can't believe that you have the very same rose that I got the photos of, in your garden--it's such a pretty one! I love winter in Tasmania, it seems to warm up so nicely during the day--that is the good life! And, yes the yellow blooms do truly look like sunshine, how sweet of your mother-in-law. Thanks for sharing your lovely rose along with mine, it was like a real true visit for me. Thanks for sharing about your life and your day, and all you're doing--I never, ever,ever, ever, tire of hearing about it. You are a dear.
    Hope you had a great day, and that your mother-in-law is continuing to do better--I'm thinking of you all often, and praying.

  4. Jenny,

    Please read my blog today, if you have time, as I mention you on it.

    I love your post about housewives too. Isn't awful how we feel we have to justify our existence through to so-called *real* work we do?

  5. As usual another enjoyable snippet of your life. Thankyou for sharing with us.

    cheers Lenny


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