20 Jun 2007

Pretty balloons to dream about while I do the breakfast dishes. Don't you think balloons are the essence of childhood? Beautiful but ephemeral, to be enjoyed in the moment.

The winter sunshine just beginning to warm the couch. By the time I have finished writing this post it will be bathed in glorious sunshine, perfect for my morning coffee break. Whoever designed this house back in the early 1930s knew how to make the most of the winter sun.

The window seat is abandoned now, it won't be a sunny spot for a morning cuppa again until early August. Good for afternoon tea though.

A little vintage baby knitting, just for fun. It is a smocked matinee jacket.

The only part of Kate's bedroom I dare show you. I have to do some serious work here after morning tea. The house is so quiet today, everyone is back at school.

4 Responses to “Routine”

  1. That window seat looks so inviting, and there is something magically devine about a patch of sunlight in winter.

  2. I love reading your blog. It is always calming. The pictures are wonderful.

  3. Your house looks wonderful from the snippets shown. Enjoy your morning cuppa :)

  4. Good morning, dear Jenny. All of your posts are so cosy and lovely, but this one is especially warm and inviting. Makes me want to just pop right on through the screen and head over for a cup of tea and a nice long chat :o) I have lots to do both inside and out, that I'm looking forward to, today. So, apron donned, I'm rolling up my sleeves and I'm off.You have a lovely, lovely, day.
    Warmly, Jewels


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