4 Jun 2007

A very ordinary weekend was had by all but a satisfying one .

Finally caught up with all the washing and almost everything is dry.

I'm up to date with doll orders, the last one will be posted off to the US tomorrow.

Finally made the boiled fruit cake I have been meaning to make for days.

Finally cleaned out the "surprise" drawer and found new homes for the contents. Some of the contents have been hiding in there for 10 years waiting for a special purpose.

We have been enjoying having plenty of good dry firewood and crackling good fires.

Juiced 10kg of carrots on Sunday with the help of my mum and my daughter and my mum's juicer. Stephen bought this huge bag because he loves carrot juice and forgot we don't have a juicer.

Enjoyed some really tasty well put together meals over the weekend, I impressed myself.

Enjoyed some really good company at those meals , family meals.

Loved watching my two boys genuinely enjoying each other's company.

Went to a Quaker meeting, that was interesting and I met some really nice people.

Admired my husband working so hard doing maintenance work on our home - the joys of a timber house.

Found a good quote in the forward to John Seymour's Self Sufficiency book:

"...nothing can stop the flowering of a society that manages to give free rein to the creativity of its people - all its people. This cannot be ordered and organised from the top. We cannot look to government, but only to ourselves, to bring about such a state of affairs."

Dr E.E. Schumacher

5 Responses to “Ordinary”

  1. It is the small things in life that are the most extraoridnary! Your most recent posts are mini portraits of just that! Happy Days! :o)

  2. John Seymour's book is one of my favourites, I read it often, dipping into it for ideas and inspiration - even though it's an enormous hard-back!

    I'm glad you had a great time - it sounds like you got alot done, and enjoyed every bit :)

  3. What a lovely post. I enjoy the "ordinariness" in everyday life too (as well as getting all the washing dry at this time of year!)

  4. Jenny,

    The weekend you described is anything but ordinary....it sounds like my ideal weekend. Thanks again for your blog, it is delightful to read each day.

  5. Yes we've been enjoying our fire place too. It's been pretty mild here over the last day or so but I expect the cold will be back soon. Fires are so nice and cosy though


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