Liz and Arthur

11 Jun 2007

Launceston is surrounded by three mountains; in ascending size they are Mt Arthur, Mt Barrow and Ben Lomond. Since I first started school I have been aware of our mountains because as we drove or walked down our big hill to school and looked across to the east they were always there. Sometimes they were shrouded in clouds, sometimes brilliantly clear and sometimes covered in snow, the most exciting of all.

Ben Lomond is the only ski-able of the three and is now a National Park, it's further from Launceston and although I have visited it it doesn't feel like its mine.
Mt Barrow is the one with the telecommunications towers on it. I never really knew its beauty when I was growing up but it has come to be my mountain since my return to Tasmania. Barrow is easy to get to and has a wonderful old hut about a third of the way up. Usually in winter this is as far as you can go in a car unless you have chains or a four wheel drive. We have had many wonderful picnics at this hut.
The forest around the hut is temperate rain forest and you can feel all the wonderful creatures, including plenty of fairies and pixies I'm sure, looking at you from their hiding places. There is a little creek and it is a magical place for small children. There are always masses of daffodils there in the spring, remnants of an old cottage garden I suppose. We have walked to the top at least three times and it is exhilarating. We have driven to the top many times and looked out over Bass Strait.

Today we visited Mt Arthur, the smallest of the three. We walked around the village of Lilydale at the mountain's base first. The boys went for a long run and Kate and I explored Lilydale although we did spend quite some time in the quilt shop talking with a friend by the fire.

We had lunch half way up the mountain and then had a short walk up the rocky road. The boys were tired and time was against an attempt at the summit. We have been to the top before and it was wonderful, a proper bush track not a road.

From our picnic spot you could just see Bass Strait on the horizon. The air was very fresh and spirits were high. It was very invigorating.

Some people are lucky enough to live on the side of the mountain.

A fine day was had by all , a perfect way to celebrate the holiday in honour of the Queen's birthday. I'm happy with any excuse for a holiday.

8 Responses to “Liz and Arthur”

  1. Beautiful photos. Haven't we been having some magic winter days these last two weeks.

    cheers Lenny

  2. What lovely photos. It sounds like you had a fantastic day.

  3. Hi Lenny, I agree the weather has been perfect.

  4. Hi Kate, it was a lovely day and perfect for some happy snaps.

  5. These are all fabulous photos and I love the story that goes with them. What a great way to spend the day - much better for you than knitting (which is how I "celebrated" the Queen's birthday!)

  6. I love your new header and the photos of your walk.

  7. Fantastic photos! I love the mountains!

  8. Hi Jenny,

    I've just tagged you for a meme; hope, that's OK.


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