A gift for me

30 Jun 2007

Some time ago, Angelika at Schoenefarben, won a doll in my anniversary give away. To show her thanks Angelika has made me this dear little doll. She is the perfect colours for the Australian bush. Angelika sent the matching silk scarf as well. She is a very sweet little doll isn't she?

It has been very quiet around here today. Half the family is missing, Kate and Stephen have flown up to NSW to visit his mum. Although there was a sad reason to be going, Kate was so excited as she hasn't been on a plane since she was 2 and of course she has no memory of it. Also she gets to meet some of her cousins who she has never seen before. And what is even more exciting is that one of them is a girl and very close in age to Kate. She does have other girl cousins but they are all in their mid teens. I'm sure they are having a wonderful time as well as spending precious time with Mardi ( my mother-in-law). It is always special when family gets together and my husband comes from a large, loud family.

I made myself a skirt today. It was a test go with a pattern I found at the charity shop for 50 cents. The pattern was the right size and in good condition and now that it is made up the skirt looks and feels good. The fabric is some that I bought years ago in a sale to make a shirt for Stephen and never got round to it. It is a cotton/linen mix and a good weight. Now that I know the pattern is OK I might make a more winter weight version. The pattern said " a skirt in 2 hours" and they didn't lie.

4 Responses to “A gift for me”

  1. oh, i'd LOVE to see the skirt on! and what a sweet gift...that doll is just precious :)

  2. that is a lovely dool and your skirt is very smart. I hope you have a good weekend.

  3. oooh do we get to see you having a twirl in that lovely skirt?

  4. The doll is beautiful! Is that the scarf behind her? It looks so luxurious :-)

    Sale fabric, sale pattern, quick and pleasing results...that's a winner!


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