birthday two

21 Jun 2007

My second son turned fifteen today. I've hardly seen him as he had to go to school and then we had an afternoon tea with family and one of his mates and now they have gone off to the pictures. He seems to have had a good day in spite of his mother. Unfortunately I lost it this morning.
I knew I was over tired yesterday but I didn't take the time to rest. I knew in my soul I just needed a quiet day at home but there were errands that had to be taken care of and then I stayed up too late last night sorting wool of all things. This morning I kept bursting into tears when anyone so much as looked at me.
What a hideous person, everyone was dumbfounded including me. Anyway I finally took the time to rest today and I was fine when everyone came home. It has been a busy week and I haven't been very sensible. Andy probably thinks his mother is mad.
Oh well.

It has been so cold here lately and now we have snow on the mountains. Good weather to be indoors knitting, sewing and baking. It's definitely hot water bottle weather and I'm so glad we have our wood fire because nothing warms you like the heat from a fire. It warms the body and soothes the soul.

This is Shacky and Badge taken about two months ago. I just found it in amongst my pictures and even though it is a bit blurry they look so cute perched on the wood pile.

9 Responses to “birthday two”

  1. Those hot water bottles look gorgeous hanging there.

    I understand about the losing it when sleep deprived, I'm just glad to hear that it happens to others. Glad that you rested and recharged today:)

    cheers Lenny

  2. I get teary all the time when I'm tired. You know what they say, "Hungry.Angry.Lonely.Tired - HALT". Taking a rest is a GOOD thing. Enjoy the cozy weather, sounds nice.... Here in Philly it's been hot & humid. A little respite today though....

    Love your blog.

  3. I'm glad you took care of yourself and rested todday. I love your photos, you have a real knack of creating interest in ordinary things.

    Happy birthday to your son.

  4. I call it "Sleep depraved". Seems sort of apt somehow...

  5. Love the picture of the hot water bottles. Cats sometimes sleep in the oddest of spots - my cat spent the night in the washing basket, curled up on top of one of husby's belts. It must have been just a bit uncomfortable!

  6. Jenny, I can relate to you. We push ourselves at a crazy pace and then just crash. I lost it with my 17 year old yesterday because I had a flat though it was her fault!! Take care of yourself, take time for yourself and thanks for your honesty and sharing,

  7. I think I joined the ranks of mad mothers some time ago. I, too, cry at the drop of a hat when I'm tired or stressed, or both! I hope you're ensconced by the fire with those lovely kitten as I write this. Yes, I'm a day or so behind as usual!

  8. Ooh, I think we've all been there with the mad mother thing. Rushing like crazy always does it and that coupled with sleep deprivation would make Mother Theresa snap and cry. Oh, and hormones, hormones make me nuts (see fat bum post).

    Dr Natalie prescribes tea, cake, knitting and something good on the telly.

  9. Cats can look a lot like owls, don't you think? Cute!
    So strange to see your winter pictures, while it's summer here (altough it's wet and uncomfortable!).


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