Birthday three plus birthday 1a

25 Jun 2007

It was a day of cleaning and tidying after a week of birthday celebrations.
Stephen's birthday yesterday was a relaxing slow day:

late breakfast and presents,

phone calls from his family in NSW,

father and son tennis with Louis who didn't let his father win on his birthday,

afternoon tea with my parents,

to church for the school Founder's Day service while I stayed home with Kate who has a cold,

roast lamb and vegies for tea, homemade ice cream and a lemon buttermilk birthday cake,

more phone calls and a family movie.

Stephen says he has a birthday minus the presents every Sunday, now that's a good life.

I must tell you about Louis' 18th Birthday Party with his friends. The girls decided that instead of neat casual dress they would all buy or make new dresses. The boys dressed up accordingly, and they all looked beautiful. They danced the night away and Louis loved every minute of it. And I didn't take any photos....

Kate was home from school today with her cold. Stephen was home on a well earned day off after his hectic past month of work. They played marbles together and ate some home grown walnuts. Kate found Andy's old slingshot and made herself a marble race.Then she had a rest on the couch and Stephen went up onto the roof.

He took some pieces of the roof off to take out the old hot water cylinder to take either to the tip shop with the old bikes and bits and pieces or just dump it at the tip. The red trike that is poking out of the trailer was mine when I was a little girl and both my boys enjoyed using it but then it fell to pieces. Perhaps someone will fix it at the tip shop or someone will buy it and restore it.

And I continued with my winter washing which today included the footie jumpers from the weekend and Kate's quilt. Most of it is spending the night on the line. Drying is a long process at this time of the year.

It feels nice to be at back to normal, cook normal meals and catch up on all the things I let slide last week. I'm looking forward to getting some sewing done, I feel a need to create with my sewing machine.

6 Responses to “Birthday three plus birthday 1a”

  1. Hello Jenny :o)
    So glad to hear you had such a nice quiet, relaxing day spent with your loves and getting some of the daily things, set aside for special days, accomplished. 'Tis so true, there's no place like home--good food and the best of friends, love, joy, warmth, and comfort. Thinking of you all there, in the cozy Birthday House and hope you have a lovely day, today, too. Thanks for sharing, Jenny.
    xo Jewels

  2. It's nice to see the events of others, through their eyes. The birthday meal sounds lovely. I hope your little one recovers from her cold and Happy Birthday to Stephen.

  3. Things have been so hectic for you but I'm sure thst everyone has greatly appreciated your efforts and what wonderful memories you have created.
    Happy Birthday to everyone (I can't keep up with all the birthdays in your family right now)

  4. Your family and home sound just lovely. Well done on being such a great homemaker. I read your blog and feel the love and comfort that your family is to you.

    cheers Lenny

  5. That's a great compliment from Stephen. You must do a very good job!

  6. Hi Jenny
    In case my email doesnt make it through, there is a great article in todays Age newspaper entitled 'going the extra mile', its all about buying local foods.


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