Birthday One

18 Jun 2007

Can you believe my first born is 18? He is a wonderful young man and we have enjoyed celebrating his birthday. Lunch yesterday was a great success mostly enjoyed outdoors even though the weather was arctic. We had a fire pot in the front garden because it is more sheltered from the cold southerly wind and the sun, when it shone, lasted longer out front. I made more than enough food forgetting that teenage girls, my two nieces tend to eat less than teenage boys. We have had plenty of leftovers for today and the last day of the holidays and Louis' actual birthday was a quiet and sleepy kind of day.

Tomorrow I start planning Andy's birthday, as usual he has no idea what he wants to do or eat so I'll have to hope for inspiration before Thursday. We don't tend to do big splashy things for birthdays, usually just family celebrations but I do try to make the day as special as I can. Our children do not get a lot of gifts apart from at Birthday and Christmas time so that in itself makes the day special. The birthday person also gets to choose the food menu for the day as well if they want to so it tends to be a day of treats.

We have just finished off the birthday cake and I feel quite ill as it was very rich. I had a tiny piece but it is a monster cake, too rich really. It is a Nigella Lawson creation from How to be a Domestic Goddess, I can't remember the fancy name but the common name is Nutella Cake.We also made Chocolate Hazelnut Balls from Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros and they were very popular with coffee yesterday.

I remember the Birthday Season when I was a girl. It started in mid July with my Auntie's birthday. She lived next door with my two cousins so all birthday celebrations automatically involved 8 people. Next was my cousins birthday, then my best friend who lived over the road , then my birthday and last of all was my mum. I felt sorry for the rest of the family because they weren't part of the winter festival. My Auntie and my mum used to cook up a storm and it was always a buffet style meal with the current favourite party foods.

It was a warm cosy time and I hope my winter babies feel a similar feeling of warmth and inclusion in our special family club. In my own little family we all have winter birthdays, short days with long cold evenings perfect for enjoying good soul food, but perhaps in future we'll have a less demanding birthday cake. Myself, I love ice cream cake even in the middle of winter. Did anyone ever have one of those dolly ice cream cakes with the doll in the middle wearing a lovely lacy ice cream dress? Weren't they wonderful?

5 Responses to “Birthday One”

  1. Well happy birthday to Mr17, er sorry he is Mr18 now isn't he? Happy Birthday.

  2. Mom always used to let us pick our birthday menu too. I love those memories and treasure them today.

  3. All those birthday parties one after the other seem a lot of fun... and a lot of work for you!... But the memories will stay and be cherished by all.

  4. Happy Birthday to your eldest. I'm glad you all had such a nice day. I've made that Nutella cake, you're right, it's very, very rich!

  5. It sounds like you put on a wonderful spread - how could anyone fail to enjoy that?! Happy Birthday to your eldest, I remember being 18 and feeling so grown up :)


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