Best and worst of days

26 Jun 2007

picture by Jettie Rosenbloom

Today started off well, a very organised get ready for school and breakfast session,tidied the house then off to town to meet up with Rose, a fellow Launceston blogger. We managed to find each other even though we had never met before and spent an hour or so yacking and drinking a yummy hot chocolate. Rose designs quilts and is to have a pattern published in Homespun magazine early next year so I was interested to find out all about it. We talked about blogging and children and craft and it was fun.

After I arrived home the day changed. I had a phone call from one of Stephen's sisters to say that Stephen's mum has had a stroke and is in hospital. They only spoke the other day on his birthday and of course she was fine. She is having speech problems as well as weakness of one arm and leg. It is very difficult living so far away, Stephen doesn't know what to do. No decision has been made tonight, he'll sleep on it and see what tomorrow brings.

Stephen's mum is a very articulate woman and a deep thinker so to be unable to express herself with words must be incredibly frustrating for her. Hopefully the effects of the stroke will gradually resolve and she will regain function. She is only 70 and very independent.

picture by James Rolevink

On a brighter note, when I was walking home from the shops the other day I spied one of these, a male Superb Fairy Wren. Isn't he gorgeous? Of course little Jenny wren, his wife is much less glamorous but no less cute. We don't have many really colourful birds in Tasmania and I think this little fellow is a beauty.

10 Responses to “Best and worst of days”

  1. Hang in there! My husband's grandfather had a stroke and was able to recover much of his mobility, and some speech. This was many years ago, and I know the treatments for stroke victims have improved tremendously. The grandfather, a stoic Finn, learned to sing after the stroke (somehow singing comes from a different part of the brain than speaking) and we all learned that he had a beautiful singing voice.

    I hope your aunt-in-law recovers well and is able to express herself.

    Sally Big Woods

  2. p.s. I mean, your mother-in-law. Sorry about that.

  3. Oh Jenny, im so sorry to hear about ur Mother in thoughts r with u and ur family and if there is anything that i can do please dont hesitate to call me.
    Thank u so much for the hot chocolate and the chat was wonderful to meet u and im sure we will do it again. My family was all eager to hear about our morning and my daughter was thrilled that she and ur daughter share the same birthday!!!
    take care and i wish ur MIL a speedy recovery!!

  4. jenny, my DH had a small stroke a few years ago and has completely recovered. I hope the same happens with your mum-in-law.

    Lovely pictures today. : )

  5. I'm so sorry about your mother in law but on a positive note many stroke patients do recover completely so fingers crossed. Love the little wren and what a wonderful name he has. We have wrens visiting the garden at hte moment they are wonderful to watch so quick and flighty.

  6. Jenny,
    My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this anxious time. Isn't it amazing how our lives so quickly turn upside down? You are a person who embraces each day with renewed energy and I am sure this will carry your famuily through these uncertain days,
    God Bless you and your family,


  7. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family at this time. I echo the thoughts of the other commenters, I've also known people recover very well from strokes. I wish your MIL a speedy and complete recovery.

  8. Jenny, I'm sorry to hear about your mother-in-law - after his stroke, my dad recovered much of his mobility, less of his speech - but he was always a man of few words! Sending lots of warm thoughts to you and your family.

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers.

  10. thinking of you all,hope it all works out for the best.

    cheers Lenny


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