Work in progress.

24 May 2007

That title is the story of my life - a work in progress.
This time though I'm talking about a new little doll.

I had to go into town today for the last session of the competitions, Kate was reciting a poem. After her fine effort I went quickly to the library to return some books, it was raining lightly and it was falling at a very acute angle. As I was about to dart across the road I heard a mother's voice drawing her child's attention to the most beautiful rainbow.

I looked too, it seemed so close I was tempted to head off in search of the gold pot at its end which I'm sure was just down near the Tamar River. But, instead, I was sensible and continued on to the library. The rainbow stayed with me though and when I got home I collected all my plain coloured fabrics together and started dressing my little doll.

She is going to have her own little quilt as well and when she is finished , if I like the look of her , I'll pop her in my Etsy shop. So if you want a little rainbow girl check my shop in a couple of days.
( sorry the pictures are not so good but the light was bad, it turned into a very wintery day)

3 Responses to “Work in progress.”

  1. Your dolls r always so beautiful Jenny!!! How special to be inspired by a rainbow....sometimes its the most simplest things!!!

  2. I like your dolls. They are always so beautiful. I'm so happy and proud that one of your doll is mine.

  3. She's going to be adorable!! Can't wait to meet her. :)


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