Ruby is ready

29 May 2007

Well Ruby Rainbow Girl is all done and so is her quilt. They will be in my Etsy store later today.

Someone mentioned that the little quilt looks like a game board and it does rather. I have made little quilted chess boards before with great success, maybe I should make some more.

The backing for the quilt is vintage candy stripe sheet, always my favourite sheets.

My daughter Kate's best friend is Ruby and she has luxurious black hair although it isn't curly.

I found a bargain today, cheap Australian grown garlic, it's not organic but at least it's Australian. I'll cook with some, plant some in the garden and pickle the rest. If you have never tried pickled garlic you should give it a go. It's perfect for fighting off winter colds and bugs.

Pickled Garlic Cloves

Toss skinned garlic cloves with olive oil in a frypan with 1 tablespoon of dried mixed herbs eg marjoram, basil, oregano,parsley and thyme. Keep the lid on the pan until the cloves are lightly glazed. After they have cooled put them into prepared preserving jars, cover with a mixture of half malt vinegar and half water, a little balsamic vinegar, a little salt and pepper and more herbs. Pour a film of oil on top to cover and seal jars.
They will last a long time if you can stop eating them.

If anyone would like the recipe for spinach and ricotta cheese pie just email me and I'll send it on.

10 Responses to “Ruby is ready”

  1. Very sweet doll and quilt (which does look like a game board!)...I've not had pickled garlic cloves before, must try. Happy Days! :o)

  2. Your doll and the quilt looks so beautiful.

  3. I haven't heard of pickled garlic cloves before, though it sounds lovely. Will give it a go. I know people recommend giving it to chickens to keep them healthy!

    Very sweet little doll, just the thing I'd have liked when I was small.

  4. Oh I love ruby too. Look at my homepage. Jenny feels good here in germany. Konrad hasn`t seen her yet because he is still wet from his bath yesterday.
    thank you, thank you

  5. Ruby Rainbow Girl (and her quilt) are just lovely. Those candy-striped sheets are a favourite of mine too!

  6. Your doll is so sweet. Garlic? Yum!


  7. Gorgeous dolly and the quilt is such a nice touch.

  8. I'm tickled that the doll is named after someone you know!

  9. Ruby and her quilt are wonderful! You always make the sweetest things!!


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