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Spuds and squash

7 May 2007

I found these little beauties growing in the vegie garden. Since we pulled out all the summer crops and dug the garden over, added compost and blood and bone the garden has produced hundreds of self sown plants. Most of them I suspect will come to nothing because the frost will kill them but the first frost is late this year and the relatively mild weather continues.

I think these are summer squash and if the mild weather and occasional rain continues for another week or two they will be big enough to harvest. We also have the ubiquitous self sown potatoes plus broad beans, pumpkins, leeks, silver beet ( swiss chard) and lots of broccoli plants.

There is an old guy, Jack, up the street with a magnificent vegetable garden. I have never met him but I've admired his garden when passing. He does volunteer gardening at the same National Trust garden as my mum . He donated potatoes to their recent fair and I bought some. I also bought some of his wife's magnificent raspberry jam. Louis thought Jack's potatoes were the best he had tasted apart from our own home grown ones. I told my Mum, she told Jack and he gave us another bag full. On the weekend he sent us another small supply, potatoes he had found when digging over his garden. He is so happy that his potatoes are appreciated. I think I'll go up there tomorrow, introduce myself and give them a jar of my apricot jam to say thank you.

Yes these boots are as wet as they look and will take a very long time to dry out. Fortunately teenage boys dry out much faster and a weekend spent lying around in your PJs does wonders for tired legs and backs. There's no place like home.

8 Responses to “Spuds and squash”

  1. I find it always like a little miracle of nature when self sown plants appear in the garden. Lucky you for having not only found new flowers and trees like me, but also new fruits to eat. What a nice addition!

  2. Fruits & veggies--yum! We're still very early in the growing season here in Norway, but we're looking forward to eating our home grown delights in the months to come. Happy Days! :o)

  3. How lovely to have a neighbour like Jack - and like you - so good that people still share their home grown fruit and veg, and home made jam.

  4. I was in Maine one summer and was told that the only time one ever locks the car is in August when the zucchini is being harvested--otherwise you're likely yo have zuchini monster or a dozen zuchini babies end up on the back seat!!

  5. That sounds like a nice way to meet a neighbor!

    When we first moved into our house a next door neighbor came over to drop off a plate of home made chocolate chip cookies. I appreciated the gesture so much that when new neighbors moved next door on the other side I brought over a home made apple pie to welcome them.

  6. oh I DO like your garden! Especially the squash (we call it Butternut here), I've just made some bread out of it too it's yum!

  7. Glad to hear that Mr14 has had plenty of rest and recuperation time.
    Nothing beats freshly dug spuds does it?

  8. I love "volunteer" plants! You never know just what you're going to get, you don't feel quite so badly if they don't make it and usually they are much healthier 'cause they made it on their own!


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