Soft Weather

16 May 2007

My mum came round for a visit today, a chat, a catch up. We talked about family mostly, the strains of being a teenager. Mum's of the opinion that it is much harder being a teenager today than in my day or hers. I don't think the teens were a big thing when mum was a girl, you were a child and then you gradually became a young adult, people weren't stranded for years as teenagers.

Its been a soft, misty, drizzly day. The birds in the garden are loving it, singing so sweetly and fluttering around in the trees. If you look closely in the foreground of this misty picture of our blackwood tree you can see a bird on the dried Jerusalem artichoke stalks. Obviously there is something yummy hiding there. So nice for everything to get wet without it being really cold as well. I'm drying washing on the clotheshorse by the fire, school things that are needed for tomorrow and all the woollies I hung out yesterday and Andy forgot to bring in while I was food shopping. Has his head in the clouds that boy.

Everyone will be home soon, I'm going to make a teacake for afternoon tea. If they are still hungry after that we have plenty of feijoas ripe and dropping all over the footpath out the front.
It's too dull inside today to photograph the vest so you will have to wait until tomorrow.

ps. just to prove that things go wrong in this bloggy world , look what happened to my teacake. I dropped it between the cakepan and the plate. Never mind we still ate it, it was yummy.

5 Responses to “Soft Weather”

  1. I was walking home from town today, thinking 'soft focus' as I looked at the houses through the rain and mist - we had the same word in mind! I also took some photos of my backyard, but they're not nearly as romantic as yours.

  2. The pictures are lovely. What are feijoas?....don't tell me they're a type of medlar...

  3. Do post the recipe of your teacake Jenny. I remember eating teacakes as a girl in England and dearly miss them. Jayne

  4. My grandmother will agree with you about teenagers - she thinks a large part of what is "wrong" with them is that they are in this artifical age bracket. She married at 16 - from child to adult.(Not sure I advocate that either, but I do think we create more issues in the teen years than there needs to be) Here, we expect them to remain dependent, and yet do not encourage them to be independent. Where I live, more and more teenagers sit at home all summer doing nothing. I had my first job at 13.

    Well, my 13 year old has a fledgling yard business - he expects to be busy this summer. He is already almost too busy with school in the picture. But three more weeks and he will be out and mowing lawns - keep them busy is a good plan I think!

  5. Yum!Feijoas are delicious. I have two infant shrubs in my garden so my current supply comes from a fellow up the street.Hmm...must remember to take a bag when I walk the dog this morning.


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