Sanity and Happiness

23 May 2007

"Everything we do affects the world around us. If we can learn to live happily, we contribute to humanity's understanding of the art of living happily. If we can live sanely we will create islands of sanity amid the confusion of the world. Our sanity and happiness will inevitably have an effect, like ripples from a stone dropped into a pond. And if enough people change, the ripples can become a flood."

Martin Hawes Twelve Principles - Living with integrity in the twenty-first century

5 Responses to “Sanity and Happiness”

  1. I was listening to something similar on the radio recently, on the importance of realizing that each and every one of us leave our mark on those around us. Something I TRY to keep in mind each day.
    By the way, I love your banner!!

  2. Oh boy do I love that quote. Did you do the banner yourself?

  3. I really like that new banner, and I really like that quote.

  4. Lovely quote. Sometimes when I feel happy I wonder if I am insane for thinking that -- misery and angst seem to be so much part of the expected human condition, where simple happiness is not.

  5. Thanks for the compliments about the banner. I did make it myself but I didn't intend for Badger to be a part of it. Now I think he is the star of the whole picture.


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