Pink ripple

8 May 2007

For goodness sake, what is that mad woman knitting now, does she ever finish anything????? I can't help it, I'm easily distracted, mostly by my own meandering thoughts. The thing is I want to give my mum a Mother's day present on Sunday and just like a school child I feel I have to make something.

So, I'm making two hand knitted luxury "exfoliation cloths" ( face washers) made of pure cotton and I'll add some nice moisturiser and perhaps some hand cream. Not that she is a dried up old prune who needs rehydrating but because she deserves to pamper herself. A local company makes skin care products using honey and various edible oils so if she doesn't like what they do to her skin she can make a salad dressing.

I'm still knitting away at my groovy brown cardigan but because of my tendency to dart of in many directions at once it will probably take another couple of weeks to finish. I'm also still rippling along with my crocheted blanket. I'm just using odd balls from my stash so I'm sure there will be some interesting colour combinations. The only criteria is that it must 8ply wool, no mohair or cotton or anything vaguely exotic.

As I am a good starter I need to start lots of projects and either finish them quickly or break them down into smaller targets. I aim for adding a new colour to the rug every couple of days, with my cardigan I aim to do 1/2 to 1 hour a day. With my mum's face washers , they are just the right size project to do in one hit. Oh, and I haven't forgotten my quilt, the three layers have been basted together and the quilting is progressing slowly.

Most of my craft projects have to be broken down into smaller components that allow lots of exciting beginnings and joyous conclusions that eventually lead up to a wonderful finished piece. Some of course end up stuffed in the back of the cupboard to be discovered years later and finished off in no time at all. What a nice surprise.

8 Responses to “Pink ripple”

  1. Love your ripples and your face-cloths. A really nice gift to give to a relative :)

  2. I know just how nice those face cloths are! I'm using a nearly identical pattern myself at the moment. They will make a nice gift.

  3. I don't they we ever get too old for our moms to want hand made gifts from us!

  4. wow how on earth did you knit such a lovely rainbow blanket? Did you have a pattern?

  5. I also like to have several things on the go. I like a small easily portable project, one that needs a bit of thinking, one that needs no thinking for watching TV etc etc. Its no wonder I take ages to finish anything.
    I didn't realise Mother's Day was a different date in different places - ours was in March.

  6. Super gift idea...And I LOVE all the hot pink yarn! Lovely ripples...Happy Days! :o)

  7. I made both my mum and my MIL a gift for mothers day.....cant wait to see what the kids make for me!!! they r the special gifts, the ones from the heart!!!

  8. I love your rainbow blanket.
    The face-cloths is a really nice gift for your mum.The Pink yarn is great :-))


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